A 3-year-old girl is abandoned in the bathroom of a Las Vegas casino

Friday 1st January 2021

A girl has appeared alone after being abandoned in the bathroom of a popular Las Vegas casino. After rescuing her, the police are trying to identify the person who left her there. A black woman is suspected of entering the premises wearing a blonde wig.

The suspect could be, according to Las Vegas police, a woman in her 20s and 30s of Nigerian nationality. In addition, it has also transpired that the girl they are looking for would measure around 1.70 meters, and her weight would be around 60 kilos.

The fugitive would have asked the taxi driver who took her to the casino for the nearest shelter, according to local media, Lieutenant David Valenta of the Las Vegas police. Reason that makes the agents suspect a probable escape.

The suspect was last seen walking north on Las Vegas Boulevard, away from the Wynn hotel, the place where the events took place.

The girl is in perfect health

When it was picked up by the police, the girl was in perfect health, which led to rule out a possible abuse of the little girl. In addition, how calm she was at the time of rescue makes the agents suspect that the abandoned woman had a family relationship with the woman who left her in the bathrooms.

Now the girl is under the care of the social services of the state of Nevada, a organization that has asked that "whoever is going through a difficult time ask for help to avoid situations like this."

Difficult time in the United States

There are many american families who are having a hard time, both financially and personally. He coronavirus It has complicated the situation of many humble families, who say they are being forced to make drastic decisions.

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