A Look into the Future of Mobile Casino Games

Sunday 17th May 2020

Gone are the times when betting had to be done in brick and mortar casinos. With the introduction of the internet, online gambling became the new norm. This revolution brought a new age of online gambling that was easily accessible and more convenient for gamblers. The growth has been impressive and with mobile phones, online casino games have become even more popular.

Mobile devices are appeal since they are portable and many casinos today offer both mobile and desktop versions. It is really interesting to see what the future holds for mobile casino games for example on of the most popular games, the Book of Ra slot. For a long time, mobile casino games have increased tremendously, in their variety and numbers, but some games are still inaccessible up to date. Moving forward, accessing all casino games on mobile phones should become easier and would be a matter of preference and not unavailability, as is the case today.

Increased Variety of Casino Games.

The increase in the variety and types of mobile casino games will also include live games. The numbers of live dealers are on the shoot on a mobile platform and are expected to grow further in the future. However, today's mobile live gaming experience is still shaky and the main reason behind this is, some live games usually interfere with the game experience, therefore, the game developers tend to sacrifice mobile versions for good user experience.

However, with the increased popularity and growth in mobile casino games, technology will advance to create live games that achieve both good functionalities and do not interfere with user experience on the mobile versions. In the future, the availability of all mobile casino games will be the new norm.

Better Game Graphics.

There is no doubt that the graphics in mobile casino games have improved tremendously. Today's mobile casino games are far better than the old fruit slots machines of the past. Games such as Book of Ra Slot are offered by sites that have good graphics and gamblers have continued to enjoy playing. Some sites still have poor graphics for their mobile platforms but this is set to change in the future. With the increased competition, such sites would either have to shape up or sheep out of the industry, In the future, it is expected that the graphics would be in the state of art, great quality and there would be no significant difference between desktop versions and mobile versions. This will result in an overall enhanced user experience and provide the best gameplay possible.

Payment options.

Many casinos have strict and limited payment options for their users. However, many gamblers prefer cryptocurrency for their transactions over the regular currency due to its ease in payments. Additionally, many people love this digital money for their safety in transactions since the fraud risk is minimal with cryptocurrencies. As a result, online casinos must adapt and accept some forms of digital money, such as bitcoins, which are commonly used. The systems are expected to change in the future, with the use of cryptocurrencies gaining popularity and becoming the mainstream payment option.

Extinction of Mobile Casino Bonuses.

Casinos started using bonuses as a way to attract players to their mobile games platform. During this initial stage, the desktop version was superior in terms of graphics and overall user experience. Therefore, a lot of convincing was needed for players to try the new mobile games and that led to the introduction of bonuses as incentives.

However, when the popularity of mobile casino games kicked in, many players have found themselves preferring the mobile versions to the desktop platforms. Many sites today do not require bonuses as a way of attracting players in mobile games and such incentives are slowly becoming irrelevant. In the future, with advanced technology and super outstanding mobile games graphics, these bonuses might extinct.

Mobile Casino Games Regulations.

The development of mobile casino games has had its fair share of success and challenges too. Most states do not have a clear stand on the legality of online casino games. It has actually been considered a grey area in most legislations. This resulted in some operators taking advantage and indulge in some unethical practices. Most have been known to rig games and this is worsening due to lack of robust regulations on the online space.

Fortunately, government bodies have started working on monitoring casino gaming, including mobile casino games. This will go a long way in protecting casino players and also in collecting revenues for the states. Regulations will soon become the industry standard in the coming years.

Growth of Skill Based Gambling.

There is good news for players who like combining their wit with a bit of luck in gambling. The future for skill-based games is set to grow as developers are working to introduce more of these games. Already, the Poker game enjoys a massive success, so the introduction of more of such games would add entertainment and more variety.

Faster and More Reliable.

Even though modern mobile casino games are reliable, they still have challenges when it comes to connectivity. This is largely as a result of the varying nature of the mobile wireless network. However, the network providers keep improving their systems every day and such instability in mobile casino games would become a thing of the past. Any improvement in mobile technology would direct result in a major advancement in online mobile games.

Virtual Reality Games.

Many online casinos today are considering integrating virtual reality technology. And before long, this is expected to start operating and mobile phones would fit perfectly in the virtual reality technology.

Revolving Array of Games.

Already, there are a lot of varieties of games in most mobile casinos serving different tastes of different users. The graphics are great and the overall user experience is being updated continuously to ensure the most mind-blowing gameplay. However, this does not seem like enough, the AR and VR are expected to be the next big step for mobile casino games. This is because it lets players play anywhere rather than being constricted within the perimeter of a building. An AR-enabled mobile casino can mimic all the aspects of actual gameplay in a casino.

Enhanced Security for Apps

There are currently many reputable apps that have the highest safety standards but however, many operators do not adhere and uphold the required app security standards. Many have been tested and failed the basic security tests because many are only concerned with their app's functionality than its security. This is the main reason why security threats occur and hackers take advantage of these loop holes.

All this will, however, make a U-turn change as there are huge developments scheduled for mobile application security and testing to assist application developers offer many secure apps. This would be beneficial to punters as it helps ease any online security concern, especially with their personal financial information.

Today, mobile casino games have high definition graphics, intuitive controls, and real money game options. Additionally, it is possible to play multiplayer games with others from different geographical locations, all by using a standard mobile smartphone. It is indeed a great time to be a casino game player and the future is even brighter!

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