Apollo's bid: 15% over Canadian casino holders - Market Business News

Friday 15th January 2021

Long story short, there has been quite an upturn in the world of Canadian shareholders. It looks like Apollo Global Management Inc. has done the procedures necessary to acquire Canadian Gaming Corp. While the acquisition still stands in the realm of mere possibility, it is undeniably plausible.

And if that's the case, there are numerous implications for the Canadian gaming scene. Great Canadian owns 26 gambling facilities, so a change of ownership (and so far, a change in shareholders) might impact the field.

Apollo Inc has been negotiating with Great Canadian shareholders for a long time. In late December 2020, it increased its offer by 15% - as such, the share price skyrocketed to C$45. The proposal was more than enough to block several shareholders against a possible merger between the two companies. However, the vote hasn't been decided yet, and advisory firms suggest that Great Canadians vote against the deal.

GC Gaming is a company with a history spanning several decades - it began activity in 1982. After ten years of tenure, it entered the Canuck stock markets, eventually registering with the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2004. Almost 10,000 people found employment under this firm's management.

Now, it manages 26 premises all over the Federation: out of these, we've got to mention the Elements Casino chain. It's got locations in Surrey, Chilliwack, Grand River, Mohawk, and that's not even the end of it. Elements Casino advertises itself as the only four-diamond resort in Canada. It also offers hotel service and multiple leisure activities besides gambling possibilities. These characteristics caught the attention of Apollo, which is a global investment organization.

Although the GC's CEO states that the company has an excellent financial standing, the vote might incline towards Apollo taking over Great Canadian.

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