Best Casino games in GTA Online to make more chips

Thursday 31st December 2020

In 2019, Rockstar Games introduced players to the Diamond Casino as the newest and shiniest property in GTA Online. Players were naturally curious whether this meant that the Casino would eventually be open for Heisting anytime soon.

Rockstar capitalized on that and dropped the Diamond Casino Heist update in December 2019, much to the player's delight. However, the Heist isn't the only reason the player should ever step inside the Casino in GTA Online.

Apart from that, the player can enjoy all sorts of card games and other gambling activities inside of the Casino. However, GTA$ has no sway inside the Diamond Casino, and players will have to buy Chips from the Cashier inside the Casino to be able to enjoy many of the Casino's games.

Winning big is a probability inside of the Diamond Casino, but it is also just as if not more likely that the player will leave with less money than they came in with. It is extremely important to know which games to play in the Diamond Casino in GTA Online and which ones to avoid.

Note: This only reflects the writer's personal opinion; players can try other games if they feel they're good at them.

From all the games available inside of the Diamond Casino, the risk of losing money is more or less identical. However, the player's own skill has more sway in games like Three Card Poker and BlackJack.

Success in the rest of the games, especially Inside Track, is entirely dependent on luck and is extremely difficult to win big at. Inside Track seems to operate at random with no rhyme or reason and is the biggest cause of grief inside GTA Online's Diamond Casino.

Players would be much better trying their luck and skill at Three Card Poker rather than anything else available inside the Casino. Not to forget, the Lucky Wheel is also available inside the Casino and guarantees some level of reward with every spin. So, players should always give it a go when in the Diamond.

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