Casino Games Loved By A-List Celebrities

Friday 15th January 2021

Casino Games Loved By A-List Celebrities Writer January 15, 2021

Leslie Alexander specializes in writing about the latest topics in the world of gambling and sportsbetting. She's the Content Lead at the Gamblizard website and an SEO professional that aims to be better at what she does every day. Whenever she can, Leslie likes to enjoy an occassional game of online poker or blackjack.

Celebrities have always been someone we look up to in terms of fashion, style, and hobbies. Almost all of us have at least one A-list celebrity that we like to know more about. But, sometimes we can even get surprised to find out that some of those famous people like the same things as us.

You'd be surprised to find our how many A-list celebrities love casino games. And they are quite good at them also. No matter if it's gambling at a brick-and-mortar casino or playing online casino games, celebrities love them all. And in this article, we'll list casino games that are the first choice for most famous people. So, let's begin.


What makes slots so popular among the celebrities as well as ordinary people, is the fact that you don't have to know basically anything to be able to play it. Although there are some rules and strategies that can make you chances of winning higher, all you need to do is press the button (physical or virtual). It's been a while now since the first online slots have been introduced to players, and the gambling industry is making them very accessible to everyone by following the latest technological trends. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most beloved casino games for both the regular folk as well as the A-list celebrities.

Pamela Anderson is such a renowned slot player that she has her own symbol in the reels. But she's not the only one. Paris Hilton, Usain Bolt, and Cristiano Ronaldo are also avid fans of slot games.


Roulette has always been associated with prestige and luxury. Many James Bond movies have portrayed the famous spy enjoying this game surrounded by powerful people from the other side of the law. This classic and elegant game is all about the odds. And the adrenaline it offers is enjoyed by celebrities like Charles Barkley and Tiger Woods.

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One of the favourite casino card games among A-lister is blackjack. The main reason why this game is so popular is that it allows the players to apply strategical thinking to their game. It brings the players much joy and satisfaction to be able to show off their skills. A huge fan of blackjack is the Hollywood star, Ben Affleck. The star of the Batman movies has become an inspiration for many students to give this game a go online. By visiting Gamblizard, students relax from their college days and can enjoy the benefits of 1st deposit casino bonuses as well as many other promotions and welcome offers. Even though the students can't afford to play with huge amounts as A-listers do, they can master the favourite game of the celebrity they admire.


It would be odd not to find a card game like poker on this list. Not even A-list stars can leave a casino without testing their poker skills. One of the most successful celebrities when it comes to poker is beyond doubt Jennifer Tully. She's known for high stakes as well as incredible skills. But her skills aren't just the best ones among actresses and actors of Hollywood. Jennifer is so good at poker that in 2005 she won the Poker Ladies Championship. This victory didn't only make her famous among poker players but also brought her more than $300,000. The famous actress loves this game so much that she used her winning to get into more poker games.

It seems that poker is the game for people who like to charm us on TV screens. Two other A-listers who like to relax with an occassional game of poker are Ben Affleck, Toby Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. Although they aren't as successful as their colleague, these actors are known to spend a lot of time at a poker table.

We tend to idolize A-listers, thinking that whatever they do it must be something unknown to us. However, most of them are just regular people who like to indulge themselves in an occassional poker or slots game from time to time. And even though we can't afford to visit luxurious casinos like our beloved A-listers, we can have as much fun by simply visiting an online casino instead.

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