Casino guy nye 12-23

Wednesday 1st January 2020

Have a contingent and we know what's good now speaking of what's good downstream casino, big celebration coming up.

I'll let you gentlemen explain.

Well we're joined by barry lynn different from i understand you're a diehard fan as well.

>> you know, i feel like that maybe the cliche years old so maybe upper occur, but as you said jingle all the way.

Got to go sort of negative things about this couple of them have a lot of those i will go with that one will say jingle all the way that's a just to be random it's tough to rent.

What's happened in the downstream for new year's because i hear that you guys are you're going transcontinental exactly were blown out we're taking a global this year for new year's eve that what we're doing is we're taking a taking a trip around the world.

The word the passport, i know you may have some tsa issued 8 you identify precheck and i regret that yeah we're taking you around the world, you don't need passport.

What we're doing is we're and the theme is downstream casino new years eve all around the world and we're the car gaming floor and we divided up into different countries.

Once that kind of like an example be egypt, yeah, where we'll have a live camel.

For many times in your life you can say you could possibly take a selfie with the family.

Once it will be a guest on december 31th exactly in our lives of course bar we're going to transform it into your guard corps aircraft to be remembered near there.

And of course will be celebrating.

Good ol us of that that's really fun so do have to pre-register did to go to certain parts can you just walk in has hours you that's the best part of it is looking for something big something fun on new year's eve, no cover charge.

The other thing you might need it is if you want a chance at the $75,000 cash that will be given away that night.

Yeah, one lucky person could be if your complaint walkout, $20,020 in cash at midnight.

Cart that cost anything can see the people of no such up there so that's that's that's the look at the other was no cover will have live music party favors and a boulder up i got quick hitting questions your favorite foods you're looking forward to for this thing.

>> a reddit steakhouse and yes it is going to pack that night.

But we have a farm to table a process.

That we use have public our company the meats processed a mere 5 miles away raging cabinets with the best states in the world.

Bart on any time i could have read it.

>> what about your favorite attractions of the camel seems like it's up there.

Yes you've seen our commercial see the cave you buy the camel at the very end we actually brought into the casino it was very cool it really was a quote spears getting to work with they say never work with kids or animals but i i must say that they're wrong in this case, the camels absolutely of last you know we have a llama here in the station the other day.

>> and uh it was chaotic.

I feel like camels are are pretty tame and that kind of an environment.

I think it depends on which one a what what kind you get you know the personality.

I just know they said if it makes a mess it's on me so make sure that this campbell's body dream.

>> there they should come by appreciate it with you want to learn more when you go down to the scene of the comments on the facebook like i said somebody walkout total 5.

>> $20,000 richer picture have it's going to be that's going to be maybe you will be right back

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