Casino Night to raise funds for CASA

Wednesday 19th February 2020

First, for those who might not have heard of casa before... what does it stand for?

Break live, local, late breaking, this is kezi 9 news midday good morning.

Thanks for joining us this morning for kezi 9 news midday.

I'm jaimie hayes.

For a first check on our stormtracker 9 forecast -- let's check in with meteorologist andrew shipotofsky... weather camera: here's a live look across the area.

Temperatures: right now we're in the 40s satellite/radar: patchy fog monday: gradual clearing.

High temperatures in near 50s tonight: increasing clouds.

Low temperatures in upper 30s looking ahead... springfield city council will meet tomorrow to discuss plans to strengthen the city's infrastructure.

This morning we're hearing from neighbors about the changes they hope to see in the future.

A proposed 800 thousand dollars would go toward fixing things like roads and storm drains.

The good news is the proposal will not cost the city or neighbors any extra money.

If this proposal is accepted... springfield city council will hire seven additional staff to work on what they call "public facing... program needs..."

And neighbors would see improvements from those hirings in their neighborhood.

The city says over the past decade, wear and usage of infrastructure has increased while staffing has stayed the same.

One resident says some changes they would like to see made... are to the streets.

0:55 -- seth sollars: "anybody who has had a complaint about the roads has the same complaint about the same things ... part of that is people at fault ... they don't say anything because they have the mentality that nothing will get done."

The proposal will not cost the city or residents any extra money the passage of house bill 2017 resulted in the city receiving a larger amount of funds made available from state fuel taxes and money from vehicle registration fees.

The springfield city council work session will start at 6 p.m.

Tomorrow night.

They will discuss the proposal for about 50 minutes in the jesse maine room.

It will be followed by the council's regular low temperatures in upper 30s casa casino night is coming up and joining me live now in the studio.

Honorary chairs roger and sheila cox are previewing casa's casino night.

First, for those who might not have heard of casa before... what does it stand for?

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