Casino open in Tehama County

Friday 22nd May 2020

Rolling Hills Casino and Resort opened its doors for the first time in more than two months and showed Action News Now its new safety measures.

Action news now reporter vanessa romo was at the rolling hills casino as it opened its doors for the first time in more than two months and shows us their new safety measures.

Rolling hills casino and resort is open for business i cant tell you how excited we are.

Its been a long road but just seeing the faces of all our employees this morning as we were getting ready and seeing the customers getting excited to be back.

Paskenta tribal leaders decided to reopen after checking with its clinics about putting guidelines in place.

I feel very safe here.

I would suggest it and it feels good just to get out brittney bradford came all the way from reno to play some games& spend a little money, you can't take it with you might as well have a little fun before we go&.

And to make sure people like brittany can have a good time and be safe - the casino invested in hospital grade technology like u.v.

Lights and ozone ionizersã it also increased the air filtration system to completely replenish the air inside every four and a half minutes.

We also took advantage of the technology we already have an repurposed it.

So we have a dispatch system that our slot department uses to be notified when someone hits the jackpout well that same technology allowed us to utilize it for our housekeeping staff so when someone gets up from a game, they are alerted that that game needs to be clean."

But before you can walk in to the casino they're checking everyone's temperature and won't let people in if they have a temperature 100.4 or higher.

It was very important to us to get people back on payroll and get them back in motion and provide a place for people to get out of their house instead of chasing their dog around the yard.

The casino employees 500 peopleã400 of them have been tested and are back at work.

And i think we have gone above and beyond of what's normal right now and we feel really good about that.

The tribe opened up its casino, golf course, restraunt, convenient store and hotel.

It says its table games are closed as well as the bar.

At rolling hills casino in corning vanessa romo ann coverage you can count on the general manager says customers can still buy alcohol, but it must be purchased with a meal.

For its modified times and days open, visit our website at action news now dot com.

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