Casino Slots and Simulators: The Diversity of Online Fishing Games

Tuesday 1st December 2020

Fishing is a hugely popular activity in real-life, with around 60 million anglers in the US alone. So perhaps it is no surprise to see so many games that are either based solely on fishing or that have an element of angling built into them. Yet, the following games allow you to go fishing in ways that you might not expect.

The slot game Fishin Frenzy uses the angling theme for a casino slot that features the Megaways engine. Players can earn a set of free spins from the fishing boat, and an angler who is ready to spring into action is the wild symbol.

The player doesn't need to carry out any fishing of their own, but there is a bonus game on the free spins in which the fisherman reels in as many fish as he can, with each one that he hooks having a cash value attached to it.

This version of the life simulation game gives players the chance to head to a variety of angling spots. They built up their fishing skills through time and can catch a variety of different types, which can then be sold, cooked or used as decoration or pets.

It is enjoyable to do but perhaps the biggest criticism of this part of Sims 4 is that it isn't as relaxing or easy as fishing in real life is. When your character starts using their rod, friends tend to appear very quickly and it becomes less peaceful than should be the case. If you like to get away from the world when you go fishing, you might find that to be too social an experience.

You might not even realise that World of Warcraft has a fishing mini-game included on it. To be fair, this isn't the most exciting part of the hugely popular game, but it does give players a chance to relax and earn some new skills at the same time.

There isn't a lot of skill involved in fishing on World of Warcraft and it couldn't be described as a simulator, but it is pretty good fun and gives players the chance to pick up some resources. You can fish in many of the different bodies of water on the map.

We tend to think of fishing simulators as being relaxing affairs that let us enjoy one of the gentlest hobbies around on our computer screen or mobile device. Yet, this game adds some extra excitement to it by letting you fire a harpoon into the fish that you hunt.

This simulator sees you take part in free play or gameplay modes. The former lets you move around freely and earn points by shooting the different types of fish that you meet. The latter is all about completing tasks to unlock new areas and complete a series of missions.

As we have seen, there are almost as many ways of fishing in games as there are in real life, so there is likely to be something to suit everyone.

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