Thursday 13th February 2020

((mechell))in a rare move... the terre haute chamber of putting its support...behind an bring a casino and gaming the city.((tom)) mike tank has more about the announcement and he joins us live from the studio((mike)) chamber president david haynes says it's somewhat unusual..

For the chamber to get behind and promote such an effort.

However earlier today, the chamber's board of directors voted to support the legislation proposed by ..

Senator jon ford of terre haute.senate bill 354 would allow full house resorts to relocate 750 gaming positions from its facilty..

In rising sun, indiana to a smaller facilty in terre is anticipated that a gaming facility could generate ..over 12 hundred permanent jobs..

David haynes-chamber president "we do believe that as a business community and as a represenative of our business community that our board believes that this is important to our community" ((mike))an exact location hasn't been determined..

But full house resorts has shown interest in three areas including.the area around the interstate 70 and state road 46.downtown terre haute.and somewhere near the river.the area would also need to be about..

20 to 25 acres in size and within the city limits of terre haute.((mike))haynes says the investment..

The proposal will be discussed in a senate committee..

Next wednesday.if all things move forward with the legislation..

A casino could be in operation in approximately ..two years.mechell.

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