European casino games In Asia: Why players adore games with a live dealer by TVBET - IAG

Tuesday 19th May 2020

The phenomenal popularity of online games is taking over the world. Asian countries have also been caught up in this global iGaming mania. The number of online casinos and sports betting operators in the region has soared - hardly surprising given the vast expanses of Asia's population base.

Considering the fast-growing demand of people for online games, local sportsbooks and casinos constantly compete with each other to attract more players to their platforms. Everyone wants to secure a unique slice of the market, with operators searching for new ways to enlarge their regular audience.

European casino games have proved to be very popular among Asian gamblers with the number of sports betting and casino operators to have added live-games to their portfolio growing all the time. They watch how fans adore the gameplay in the LIVE format and recognize the value of integrating these games into their portals.

According to TVBET, a leading B2B provider of live games, their products are among the most popular in the Asian market. TVBET provides its games to 130+ partners worldwide and tracks user demand for each of their 11 live games in every region. The company's rep explained that such detailed statistics help establish a clear picture of what games are more prevalent in Europe, Asia, Latin America and beyond.

TVBET's expert also noted that players in Asia favor games with a LIVE dealer. Card games are especially popular among local players. Those from Asia gravitate towards LIVE Poker, Joker and War of Elements. At the same time, there are also many who enjoy to throw dice in Backgammon or play a live lottery, like Keno. Often, once players try LIVE Poker or WheelBet, they don't want to return to traditional games anymore.

One of the primary reasons European live games have won the hearts of Asian players is their 24/7 accessibility. What can be better than enjoying your favorite game LIVE anytime day or night? Research shows that the presence of LIVE-dealer is considered trustworthy by players. They have no concerns about placing bets when a charming host is dealing the cards.

When it comes to betting odds, live-games by TVBET offer a vast selection of options to its players, and a growing number of Asian betting operators are now adding live games to their menu. This is especially relevant with the world's major sporting leagues currently shut down.

Experts predict that the trend towards iGaming in Asia will increase even more in the next few years. Currently, the list of countries with the biggest demand for online games includes mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea. While players enjoy the live games being offered 24/7 in full HD with 4K resolution, the number of sportsbooks and online casinos in the area is set to keep growing.

Recently, TVBET's rep announced its cooperation with several new partners from Asia and revealed future plans to enhance the company's presence in the Asian market by the end of 2020.

"We can't describe in words how happy we are about this fantastic success of our live games among the Asian audience," he said. "Our latest product Backgammon has already shown great results in the region and we hope it will become as popular among Asian fans as LIVE Poker and Joker."

European casino games are showing great potential for sportsbooks and casino operators in Asia. iGaming has already cemented its position its position in the region but it seems this is just the start.

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