Four States Will Now Allow Online Casino Advertisements According to Google

Monday 9th December 2019

Online casinos and sportsbooks operators have always had the struggle to advertise their games and services online. This is because of the very strict Google policies that pertain to gambling and similar activities.

The ban on advertising gambling activities is even implemented in states where this is legal. However, Google now seems to change its mind about this. The EGR Intel has said that the company is now planning to allow online gambling ads in the US by the first quarter of 2020.

However, the company is said to give the green light by the end of this month. This means that online gambling ads can already be seen on websites by the end of this month.

This is only going to happen in states where it's already legal to gamble online. There are only four of these states as of the moment. This includes Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Nevada may still have a bit of restriction regarding this as online gambling, in general, isn't completely legal in the state just yet.

Nevada only allows sports betting and poker online, and so it can only be assumed that these are the only online gambling ads that will be allowed by Google.

Once the new policies are implemented, online casinos like 24K Casino and sportsbook giants like FanDuel and DraftKings can then run their own advertisements on Google Ads, Google Display Network, YouTube, and AdMob. What will remain off-limits to these operators will be the Google Ad Manager.

Even before the new policies will be implemented, Google has already tested this out. In June, the company already gave the go signal to let sports betting ads be seen in the state of New Jersey. However, it didn't take long before they added Nevada and West Virginia to the audience.

The company also signed-off sports betting-related advertisements that are seen in the states of Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. These are the states where sports betting is already deemed legal.

It's possible that more states will be added to that list as more and more states are moving towards legalizing sports betting. This is after the Supreme Court of the United States struck down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 2002 in May 2018.

With the Supreme Court's action, sports betting legislation is now up to each local state. Currently, only around five states remain unmoved regarding making a decision in legalizing sports betting. This just means that Google will surely not allow online gambling operators to show their ads in these states just yet.

Google is now pushing for gambling-related operators to refer to the policy page once it's updated. "Advertisers who wish to promote online gambling content in these regions can find more information and apply for certification after the update on the updated policy page."

After the test that the company did in New Jersey and eventually other states, they commented that the advertisers should still make more efforts when it comes to assisting customers who will be at risk when it comes to reckless gambling behaviors.

The operators that will be allowed to use Google's advertising services will still have to be checked. It's important that shady online gambling sites won't take advantage of this. Despite the fact that online gambling operators will be allowed to show their ads to more people, customers are still encouraged to rather choose casino sites that are reputable. Casino Whizz is a good place to check for this.

When it comes to online casinos and bookies that are based off-shore, it's also important that they have the license to operate wherever they are located. For operators in countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Colombia, the latest policy updates allow them to be a bit more aggressive about how they advertise their gambling services.

Surely, with Google doing this, the company may earn more from advertising. Currently, Google already holds around 32 percent of the global online advertising market. It generates over 110 billion US dollars each year through advertising.

This step that Google is making isn't exactly seen too positive by some. Kenya, despite having online gambling operators that offer its services internationally has been trying to suspend social media ads regarding this for a while now.

UK's Advertising Standards Authority or ASA seems unimpressed about this too. This particular UK regulator has been pushing for clean ads on the internet for a long time now. Anyhow, despite such feedback, Google will still push through with the updates.

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