Full House reveals casino reopening results

Thursday 28th May 2020

As a result of social distancing and other cautionary measures, Silver Slipper's reopened operations were limited in several ways, as required by state and local officials, including: only operating 392 slot machines of 855 total slot machines, only permitting three active positions at table games that normally accommodate six or more persons and an approximately 50 per cent capacity limitation in restaurants. Total casino win increased 12.3 per cent despite a 15.9 per cent decrease in guest counts.

Silver Slipper's reopening happened to coincide with the Memorial Day holiday weekend, which typically has higher revenues. The company cautions that these results from the first five days of Silver Slipper's reopening may not be indicative of results for future periods, nor are they necessarily indicative of results that may be expected from the future reopenings of the company's other properties.

The company does not intend to update interim results for the Silver Slipper or any of its other casinos in ordinary course. It has done so in this instance as Silver Slipper is the first of its casinos to reopen following the mid-March closure of all of its operations.

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