Fun casino games you can play for free on your mobile device

Monday 6th April 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak and everyone quarantined in the confines of their homes, the online gaming industry is booming. But that's not the only reason. There has been a rising trend in mobile gaming over the years, as 50% of users preferred games on their mobiles as opposed to desktops in 2019 as compared to 23% in 2013. Keeping that in mind, our experts drafted up the best mobile games for 2020 that you can play.

Before we get into that, if you're new to the casino industry, you need to know everything there is about mobile slots.

The online casino industry was introduced in the 1990s, but back then, people could only access them on their desktops. It wasn't until mobile phones were converted into portable devices that casino game developers began optimizing games for smaller screens. With that, the term 'mobile slots' was developed. A mobile slot is a video slot game that can be played on a smartphone, tablet or any other portable device.

There are two ways that you can enjoy mobile slots - for free or for real money. Since we'll be talking about free games in this article, you should know that you don't need to register or sign up in order to play free slots. Most games offer a mobile free spins bonus before playing for real money. A mobile free spins bonus allows you to spin a specific number of times without having to pay, and at the same time, anything that you win goes into your bankroll.

Before you decide which casino app to download, you should find out which type of game you want to play. The following is a list of five of the most popular types of casino games under which you can see different apps that offer free games:

Slots are today one of the most popular games in the casino industry. To play, all you have to do is insert a coin (only in land-based casinos) and then spin, pull a handle or press a button, which causes the wheels to spin, and you will be rewarded based on where the wheel ends up.

Currently, Jackpot City is one of the best apps that you can find for mobile slots. It offers a $1600 bonus, a quick payout of 1-2 days, and a win rate of 97.84%. As an alternative, you can also download Spin Casino. Spin Casino offers a $1000 bonus, a payout speed of 1-3 days, and a win rate of 97.59%. There is also the option of Ruby Fortune. While its bonus of $800 is a bit lower than competitors, it makes up for it by offering a quick payout speed of 1-2 days. Its win rate is also 97.49%, which is great for players.

Playing roulette is a bit more sophisticated than slots. However, it's not too difficult. The player puts his/her chips on the table in order to gamble them. The table consists of numbers ranging from 0-36, and each player bets on a single number derived by multiple grouping of various numbers. These combinations may be even-odd, red-black, low 18-high 18, low/middle/high 12 and for the first/second/third columns. The dealer spins the wheel clockwise and then rolls a ball counter-clockwise. The ball lands in a numbered slot on the wheel, and all bets that correspond with the number win.

The best online casinos for roulette include Royal Vegas, which offers a bonus of 1200 euros. Its payout speed is 1-2 days, and its win rate is 97.49% - an overall great profile. You can also opt for Ruby Fortune, although its bonus of 750 euros is a bit lower than competitors. The win rate and payout speed are the same as Royal Vegas. The best option by far is still Jackpot City, which offers multiple casino games.

This is also one of the simplest casino games you can play; however, it requires an active internet connection. Blackjack is a card game that was introduced a decade back. It is played between the house (also known as the dealer) and the player. The house deals two cards to each player and keeps two cards. One card is face-up, and the other is face down. Each player takes turns and aims to get a number closest to 21. Players call a hit to end their turn. They can double their bet or split cards if they are identical.

Spin Casino is one of the most popular casinos for playing BlackJack. It offers a $1000 bonus and a payout speed of 1-3 days. Its exemplary win rate of 97.59% is what gives it an edge over competitors. The All Slots casino also offers BlackJack, which is a great option because of its high bonus of $1100. Its average payout time is two days, with a win rate of 96.23%. Spin Casino and Ruby Fortune are also popular among BlackJack players. As an alternative, you can check out Europa Casino. It offers a $550 bonus with a payout time of 2 days and a win rate of 96.26%.

Poker is another card game that is based on a five-card hand. These hands are ranked from lowest to highest, and the order of hands is high card, pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush. The rules are fairly simple: the player with the best hand wins. In mobile casinos, "video poker" is a very popular game. The only difference in normal poker and video poker is a slight set of rules. Video poker came out in the 1970s and looks very similar to slots, but in reality, the two could not be more different. Players found it more convenient to play video poker rather than deal cards at a table, which was why it was initially replaced with it. Land-based casinos still offer traditional poker.

Mobile video poker games usually offer lower bonuses as compared to other games. One of the most popular mobile casinos for poker is 888 casino. It offers a bonus of 500 euros with a payout speed of 1-2 days and a win rate of 97.46%. is another great option for video poker. It offers the same bonus and payout speed as 888 Casino, with a slightly higher win percentage of 97.56%. Another alternative is Voglia di Vincere, a casino that offers a bonus of up to 1000 euros with a great win rate of 97.84%. You can play slot, roulette, video poker, and blackjack games.

Baccarat is a very sophisticated card game that includes two hands of the card that are dealt with by the player and banker. Only the last digits are counted, which add up to the value. For example, a Jack of 5 and 8 is equal to 13, which is counted as 3. Thus, the main focus of the game is to get the score as near as possible to 9. Baccarat generally has a very high win percentage.

The best casinos for playing Baccarat include Betway Casino. Betway Casino offers a $1500 bonus with a payout speed of 1-2 days and a win percentage of 96.32%. Many of the other casinos discussed in this article, including Jackpot City and Spin Casino, offer Baccarat. In fact, most of these casinos are also compatible with different mobile software like iOS, Android, and Windows.

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