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Monday 16th December 2019

The Diamond Casino & Resort Heist is a new multiplayer addition to Grand Theft Auto Online -- and one activity players have been eagerly awaiting. The Diamond Casino is one of the best new locations, and cracking this fancy area open with friends is a criminal's dream. Now you can add another NPC to your crew; a returning friend from GTA4. Packie McReary, the foul-mouthed Irish thug that features in some of the biggest missions of GTA4 returns in GTAO, and you can unlock him for the Diamond Casino Heist.

If you don't remember Packie, just think back to GTA4. One of the best missions of the game is a bank job gone wrong. Nico, the protagonist, joins a crew of Packie McReary's brothers as they blast through police barricades and escape the city on-foot. It's a completely crazy mission, and Packie becomes one of Nico's closest criminal pals in Liberty City. Now he's on a vacation to the west coast, and you can grab him for the Diamond Casino Heist. Here's how it works.

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Patrick McReary, Nico Bellic's old friend from GTA4 is a hidden crewmember you can unlock in GTAO for the Diamond Casino Heist. If you can rescue him, you'll be able to hire him as an optional NPC heist accomplice -- and it's just nice seeing his ugly mug again.

How To Recruit McReary: You'll need to encounter a special random overworld event -- you'll see a blue dot on the minimap. Chase the police van and kill the driver, but don't kill anyone else inside. After freeing Patrick, you'll need to evade the cops and return to a safehouse. If you manage to rescue Patrick, he'll be available to join your Diamond Casino Heist crew, and you'll earn $10,000.

You can find this event in many different locations around Los Santos -- usually between 12:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Here's a quick list of locations he's been spotted so far.

Outside the main entrance to Fort ZancudoYou Tool Hardware Store in Blaine CountyRoute 68 ClubhouseRoute 68 AmmunationHighway off the Diamond CasinoNear Integrity Way Apartment

You'll unlock the 'Gunman' and 'All Crewed Up' achievement / trophy for saving Packie, and for collecting all the crew members for the Diamond Casino Heist.

Packie is completely optional, but he does have a whole lot to say. He shares plenty of information, and it's nice just seeing this old character return. This is proof he survived the events of GTA4,

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