GTA 5 Online Update: Dispatch Mission Bonus, Free Money, Issi Classic in Casino

Thursday 28th May 2020

Grand Theft Auto 5 has published its weekly update to GTA Online, and you know what that means: more cars, bonuses and GTA$ to grab.

GTA 5 is no longer free to download, but that won't stop Rockstar Games from dolling out new discounts week on week.

For one thing, players who log in this week can grab themselves a free tee and the 1m daily objectives bonus is also still active.

As we learned earlier this week, GTA 6 might be coming in 2023 and that means we should see GTA Online supported for a few more years.

No doubt we can expect to see more major updates arrive in the months ahead, but for now, you might as well fill your boots with the discounts and money-making bonuses whilst you can.

For the sake of any new players we have reading this, every Thursday, Rockstar starts a new event week. It means new discounts, new podium cars in the casino and plenty of new GTA$ and RP Bonuses spread throughout the game.

Normally each week has a theme, and this week, it appears to be based on the games Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series. update, which first dropped back in March, 2018. For those who don't know, here's what you need to know:

"Today marks the beginning of a full season of pulse-pounding new racing updates, a fleet of fresh vehicles and more with the GTA Online: Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series. The first of two new racing modes - an homage to Vice City's classic Hotring mixed with the Cunning Stunts of GTA Online - is now available along with five new cars." -- Rockstar Newswire

We should learn about the official GTA 5 patch notes from today's weekly update when they're released by Rockstar Games later today on the newswire. And it might be that they reveal a few more details not already highlighted below.

But ahead of time, the games dedicated player base has revealed some of the key changes with this week's new GTA Online weekly patch.

For the full overview of what to expect from this update, take a look below - we'll make sure to keep you updated as soon possible should any more information about the update arrive.

GTA Online discounts

The following discounts will be available in GTA Online for the next week (thanks GTA Online Sub-Reddit & TezFunz2):

Vehicle Discount Sales -

PR4, $2,460,500

Neo, $1,125,000

Mamba, $597,000

Deluxo, $2,130,000

Brickade, $777,000

Issi Sport, $448,500

Issi Classic, $135,000/$180,000

Issi, $9,000

Nero, $864,000

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GTA Online bonuses

As with every week in GTA Online, there's a variety of new bonuses released every week. For the next seven days, players can take advantage of the following GTA Online bonuses. This list is being updated as more information becomes available.

3x GTA$ & RP on

Issi Classic Stunt Races

2x GTA$ & RP on

* Lowrider missions

* Dispatch missions

Free Money Bonus:

* Free $1,000,000 for completing 10 daily objectives (Still Active)

Log in Bonus:

* Weeny Tee

Premium Race: Eight Figure Bonus (locked to Sports Classic)

Time Trial: LSIA

RC Time Trial: Cypress Flats

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GTA Online new vehicles

Once again, Rockstar is avoiding releasing any new vehicles into the game, but there is another new car available for free from the games Diamond Casino Resort podium.

The podium vehicle this week is the dinky Issi Classic, a stone-cold (and excellent) rip off of the original BMC Mini. Rockstar added it as part of the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update.

Here's a quick look at the Issi Classic description:

"Sure, you could afford the latest Ocelot, or a vintage Enus - but you're not a show-off. You're just a slightly quirky, totally down-to-earth person looking for a way to tell everyone how slightly quirky and totally down-to-earth you are. Well, look no further, because for the last half-century the Issi Classic has been the closest thing on four wheels to screaming "I've got nothing to prove to anyone" in the face of every stranger you meet." -- Southern San Andreas Super Autos description.

The Issi Classic would normally set you back a meager $360,000 (Trade Price - $270,000). It's not the most pricey of cars, but at the end of the day if you can get one for free for spinning the Casino wheel, you'll be pleased for sure.

GTA Online Twitch Prime Rewards

At the time of writing, no new Twitch Prime or PlayStation Plus bonuses have been officially announced.

However, you should still be able to access the existing reward, which includes GTA$1,000,000 and access to Pixel Pete's Arcade property.

All you need to do is link your Twitch Prime account to your Social Club account, which can be done inside the Social Club account settings.

Should Rockstar announce anything further in their official blog post, we'll be sure to update.

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