GTA Online - Now Find Diamonds in the Casino if You Complete the Heist | Technobezz

Friday 14th February 2020

When Rockstar launched the online version of their popular game Grand Theft Auto 5 and later added the Diamond Casino and Resort, the gaming community rejoiced. They have been enjoying the game and the in-game rewards they gain while completing different tasks. Rockstar has been changing the gameplay and contents as well as the rewards. These changes and updates are being done on a weekly basis. Now, the latest update on February 13, on the eve of Valentine's Day brings diamonds as rewards if you play and complete the Casino Heist.

The latest update where the developer has directly confirmed that those completing the heist will be rewarded with diamonds has assumed significance since there were expectations of this happening earlier. When people played the game and finished it, they got huge cash rewards but no diamonds. These are not real diamonds or cash, but virtual ones which can be used to make in-game purchases. The cash reward before this was quite huge, $2.1 million.

Almost all video games enjoy a club or community of players who keep posting the videos of how they managed to solve a level or the cheat sheets to win a game. The GTA Online is no exception from this and already there are videos on YouTube telling you how to find diamonds as rewards on completing the Casino Heist. Many who played the game were disappointed that even after they followed the instructions, they could not get diamonds. This was the case until February 13. If you played the game again now, you are sure to win the jewels and enjoy that high. It has been reported that the value of the reward in terms of the diamonds could be as high as $3 million.

Tez2 and Gtamen are the Twitter handles which revealed the news saying there are diamonds worth $3, 290,000 to be won by those completing the heist for the first time.

Rockstar has also revealed on its official news page that Valentine's Day brings a slew of updates in rewards as well as new car models. These include a Sugoi vehicle at $1.22 million and a podium vehicle Roosevelt Valor. Gamers must be having a gala time with the GTA Online game and winning all those rewards to their heart's content.

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