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Monday 6th April 2020

The addition of a casino to GTA Online has taken online games to a higher level. For a long time, players drove past the "Opening Soon" sign on the building. Last year the casino was launched, giving the players more experiences to look forward to.

This comes at a time when new online casinos in Canada and many other countries and cities are coming up. GTA Online became even more innovative by including an online casino in a video game.

In the game, you can use real money to buy chips, but you cannot withdraw money from the game. Of course, this has drawn attention to many people concerned with gambling in video games.

Games You Can Play in the GTA Online Casino

Like any other online casino, you can play poker, blackjack, and roulette. You can use the casino's currency called Chips to play against the house.

Slots in the casino are themed based on various entertainment options in the GTA world, including Impotent Rage and Twilight Knife.

There's also the Lucky Wheel which players spin and win prizes such as Chips, clothes, money, or a high-end car if they're lucky enough.

Additionally, there's Inside Track Virtual Horses, where you can watch and bet on animated horse racing.

Apart from games, the GTA Online casino has Penthouses above it. For you to become a VIP member, you have to purchase a Penthouse.

The Penthouse offers unparalleled luxury. It has an open-plan lounge, rooftop terrace with a perfect view of the surrounding area complete with an infinity pool. It also includes an office, bar area, spa with a stylist, private parking garage, media room, and a private dealer.

Other services that Penthouse owners experience include: valet parking, free limousine services, flight concierge, champagne services, among others.

The Diamond Program

At $500, you are offered a VIP membership, the Diamond Program. You will receive free $1000 Chips every day, 1 Lucky Wheel free spin daily, and you can access the management area.

This program means you're now a member of the family, and you can help the property owner Tao Cheng and staff to protect the casino from a corrupt family of Texan by going on missions.


There are missions like Strong Arm Tactics, Play to Win, Arms out among others, which are available when Agatha Baker, Tao Cheng, or the Diamond staff order them.

You will earn great rewards after completion or a high-end car when you host the entire thread. You can also do other odd jobs around the casino to earn more Chips.

Other exciting things to do when you're a VIP member include Races, Survivals, RC Time Trials, and King of the Hill.

The Casino Store

Just at the exit of the casino is the Diamond Casino store, where you can purchase accessories, clothes, and other decorations for your Penthouse.

Other features in the online casino include vehicles, collectibles, and character customization.


The GTA Online casino gives players a relatable experience and many things to do in one place. It is a perfect distraction from the all-time superhero video games. The Penthouse living feature is especially an excellent idea.

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