How a man swindled $90,000 worth of chips from Star Casino

Thursday 16th January 2020

A former Star Casino manager has pleaded guilty to a gambling chip swindle that netted $90,000.

23-year-old Justin Ly admitted he had a gambling addiction which made him do "bad things".

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Police say Ly's boyfriend would "pose" as a regular customer and in his role as a supervisor, Ly, would orchestrate big wins of up to $7,500 at a time.

"I wasn't smuggling chips out. Personally," Ly said.

He's not the first worker from The Star to be charged, a croupier was caught stuffing chips into his socks last year.

Star Casino has one of the most sophisticated facial recognition systems in the country after undergoing a $10 million upgrade last year.

Police wouldn't go into the exact details of how the pair pulled off this scam other than to call it an "elaborate ruse".

But the pair managed to turn almost $100,000 worth of casino chips into cash.

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"I'm just sorry for what I did and hoping to change my life around and hopefully move on from there," Ly said in court.

He has pleaded guilty to 13 counts of fraud.

His partner was supposed to front court on Thursday but says he "forgot".

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