How Is a New Online Casino Game Made?

Monday 21st December 2020

Have you ever wondered how a casino game is made? How does it get from someone's mind to your favorite mobile casino? The process can take many months, depending on the game but the results are well worth it. Let us take a closer look at how most of the internet's top casino games are developed as the selection on offer will certainly factor into players choosing an online casino to spend their time at.

Of course, like most creations, a new slot or casino game begins as nothing more than an idea. In many cases, this will be an original concept dreamt up by game developers. However, casino software provider companies may also look around to see what is already available at casinos. They may borrow popular themes and attempt to make their own game based on them, all while meeting strict regulations regarding the industry. Similarly, if certain concepts (such as collapsing reels) are hot property, software developers may include them in their new releases.

It is also possible that a software developer will simply use precisely the same engine as a previous release, and solely change the "look". Games that are identical to others and merely have new paint jobs tend to be the quickest off the conveyor belt.

Once the basics have been thought out, the software provider's team of developers get to work programming the game itself. Some elements of the game's construction may be subcontracted to other partners and developers. Indeed, some game providers lease entire gaming engines (such as the MegaWays engine) from rival developers and incorporate those into their games.

The game will need to be tested. Moreover, it will need to be checked and certified by independent auditors to ensure that it is fair to play. Last-minute checks should remove any bugs, ensure that players cannot cheat and that everything runs as it should do.

The next step is to showcase the new game and drum up publicity for it. YouTube is a popular way of showcasing upcoming games, and many titles receive a trailer, much like Hollywood films. The slot may also be showcased at a major event, such as conventions if there is material ready when those events take place. Some providers also release their games as playable demos at selected partner websites.

Finally, the PR machine kicks into gear. Affiliates and writers provide most of the bulk-work here, to ensure that a game receives a lot of media attention ahead of its launch.

The final step is the grand launch. Some games go live at the newest mobile casino sites at the same time. Others may have staggered launches. This means that they are exclusively available at just a handful of casinos, to begin with, ahead of their general launch a week or a few weeks later.

New casino games will always feature casinos that are powered by the developers behind the game. However, via open gaming platforms, providers can offer games at casinos powered by other developers, too, namely by entering into partnerships with them. Many fledgling and small-scale providers use these open gaming platforms to expand their reach in all manner of casinos.

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