Wednesday 19th February 2020

Statistically speaking, there are approximately 2000 plus online casinos operating at a given time on the web, with so many more coming out every day, not to forget those disappearing also. In such a flurry of options, a bunch of these casinos, of course, will inevitably not play fair-'rogue casinos'. Essentially, besides the gambling industry, it is inevitable that any industry, there will be a few unscrupulous companies out to take advantage of the unsuspecting individuals across the globe. In particular, online gambling has its fair share of ruthless and dishonest swindlers. As such, you must ensure that you are well aware of how you can spot, and subsequently avoid any such online casino platforms, which are tainting the name of the entire industry. Nonetheless, while the online gaming platforms should work to ensure the safety of the players, it is also the responsibility of a player to ensure that you understand how to identify malicious operators, and subsequently avoid them. This, however, is only possible if you have a proper understanding of the issue. To help you out, here are a few pointers to ensure you have a safe gambling experience.


1. Always Read Between the Lines

Typically, whether it is joining a standard game table, signing up to a new online casino, or availing promotions and bonuses, it is essential that you carefully read through all the details before making your decision. In many instances, players often overlook a caveat or a hidden catch on a casino's website, which may later risk their stake. Furthermore, it is also vital that you complete the verification process as well as secure the available method of payment as linked to the casino. Ideally, the prudent thing would be to make use of the safest payment method and also secure your account using a strong password.


2. Validate the Online Casino License

Although it may come off as quite a surprise, the reality is that numerous online casinos operate without a valid license. Therefore, you must browse through a casino's website, especially their license page, before you sign up and ascertain that they have a current and valid license. You can scan through details like registration information, local address, phone numbers, and their 'About Us' web page, among other details to validate their legitimacy. It would be best if you ran these few checks before you proceed to register with any online casino to ensure that your money is invested in the proper platform.


3. Make Proper Use of the Demo/Trial Period

Numerous online India casinos offer new players a trial run/demo, although for a limited time before they sign up. Usually, some popular India sites, including Betway, Comeon India, and Royal Panda, offer free demos meaning that you don't need to deposit anything or withdraw anything even after winning. This provision allows you to evaluate the service quality and playing experience of the site and determine if the site suits you. If you are satisfied with their games, technology, operations, and safety provisions, you can then sign up as a member and begin to invest your money wisely, to add.


4. Complete the Personal Identification

Finally, as an online gambling participant, you can do several things to ensure that you are within the safety and legal boundaries of any online casino. To start, you need to complete the registration process without leaving out any crucial information. Second, after you start playing and you already have a feel of the gaming experience, you might be tempted to run multiple user accounts under a single online casino. Unfortunately, doing this is deemed illegal, and you can get in trouble. Simply maintain a single account and play fair. Similarly, you might also spot several unbelievable and unrealistic promotional bonuses like a 500% bonus, which can be quite suspicious. Ensure you read the T&C carefully (word for word if necessary) before you levy such offers.



Without any doubt, the ability to gamble online is an exciting and convenient advantage courtesy of modern online gambling. Besides playing your games from anywhere at any time, it is also free to play. However, despite the luring perks that online gambling offers, you must exercise caution and wisdom before joining any online casino. The crucial thing is that you identify a safe and legit online casino to ensure you play securely and successfully. Although many casinos have set up rigid structures to ensure the safety of the players, it is also your responsibility to ensure that you limit your susceptibility to potential risk and play safely and securely. With these few tips, you can ably guarantee safe play when playing online casino games.

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