How to trigger Diamond Casino drunk missions in GTA Online

Thursday 31st December 2020

Rockstar Games has sort of taken it upon themselves to fill their games with all kinds of funny and entertaining details, especially in the GTA titles.

With GTA IV having some of the most realistic drunken physics for Niko and Roman to Michael's DMT trip, Rockstar has been known to push for ridiculous stuff in the games.

GTA Online, being the massive online multiplayer game that it is, had to also live up to the Rockstar standard and include funny and entertaining bits as well. This is accomplished through a hilarious cast of new characters in the game as well as some ridiculous missions.

One particular set of missions takes the cake in GTA Online and makes for some of the funniest ones in the game. In order to trigger these missions, the player character will have to be inebriated to get started.

There are a couple of missions in GTA Online's Diamond Casino that can only be triggered once the player is drunk enough. There is no actual concrete number of drinks the player needs to have, and the missions seem to trigger at random.

These missions can be started by visiting the Main Bar in Diamond Casino or the Penthouse in the Diamond.

Note: The player needs to have bought the Master Penthouse to unlock these missions in GTA Online.

Players should follow these steps until they receive a call from Agatha Baker upon waking up from their drunken stupor:

Baker will let the player know that they planned to sleep in a certain truck that she now wants it returned. Returning the truck to its waypoint will end the mission and earn the player GTA$, Chips, and RP.

This particular mission does not require the GTA Online protagonist to be completely black-out drunk, but still intoxicated enough. So, avoid ordering the MacBeth Whiskey Shot. Instead, the player can order cheaper and less effective drinks to get drunk.

Once sufficiently drunk, players can follow these instructions:

In this mission in GTA Online, players will have to deliver a specific vehicle to the Diamond while also being hunted by the Police.

The catch is that it is not 100 percent certain that the player will always get this particular mission in Casino Work, and it is purely a matter of chance.

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