Kawbet Takes Anonymous Sportsbook and Casino Betting With Crypto to a Whole New Level

Sunday 8th March 2020

Gambling and cryptocurrencies are two peas in the same pod and the perceived privacy of going down this route is now further enhanced by Kawbet. This is because their sportsbook and casino betting is all done with privacy in mind, giving it a leg up over other providers.

Anonymity and Privacy are Paramount

People are often drawn to cryptocurrency gambling and sports betting due to the pseudonymous nature of the payment methods. When using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other currencies, the wallet used to deposit or withdraw funds is not linked to one's personal information. This creates a degree of privacy which most people appreciate.

On most platforms, this layer of privacy is eroded quickly. Customers are asked to verify their identity when signing up to the platform or asking for a withdrawal. These Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering procedures can be off-putting to a lot of clients.

Kawbet is taking a completely different approach in this regard. Rather than forcing KYC verification upon their clients, the company does not implement this procedure. In doing so, Kawbet can ensure that no sensitive personal information is put at risk, and maintain the degree of privacy for users all over the world.

As an anonymous Bitcoin casino and sports betting platform, Kawbet addresses the topic of private information in an interesting way. The company takes this aspect of their business very seriously and remains committed to it at all times.

Snappy Transactions and Fast Responses

In the cryptocurrency space, moving money from one address to another requires confirmation on the network. Given how this process can take some time, it is pertinent for companies such as Kawbet to reduce any additional delays whenever possible -- crypto deposits are instantly available to play!

Focusing on snappy withdrawals and deposits is another selling point for this company. Moving money to and from the platform is done smoothly and in a reliable manner. It takes only five minutes -- sometimes less -- to complete transactions. Lightning-fast transactions will eventually pave the way for broader cryptocurrency adoption.

That speed of operation does not just apply to platform-based transactions either. In terms of customer support, the Kawbet team prides itself on having a response time of just 1 minute, on average. Customer support is crucial in any industry, especially when it comes to gambling and sports betting.

To accommodate this fast response time, Kawbet has expanded its team to over 100 employees. This ensures that there is always someone available to help out or collect feedback from clients. That feedback will be put to good use to ensure the sports betting and casino platform can keep growing and evolving.

Looking Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum

The cryptocurrency industry is about more than Bitcoin and Ethereum. These two currencies are very prominent, both in terms of valuation and branding. As such, they are commonly accepted among most sports betting and casino platforms today.

For Kawbet, looking beyond these two currencies is another core strength. The platform can process deposits and withdrawals in 25 different cryptocurrencies, giving clients plenty of options. Users like to feel empowered in this space, and being able to use their favorite cryptocurrencies is gratifying.

Excellent Odds and Affiliate Program

A casino and sports betting platform needs to provide attractive odds to gain more recognition. Kawbet's approach to this is simple: it provides the highest odds whenever possible. This will, in turn, benefit all users, as they will ultimately be the ones reaping the maximum rewards whenever possible.

Speaking of maximum rewards, giving users an option to make money with Kawbet outside of gambling is provided in the form of a lucrative affiliate program. From day one, users earn up to 20% of their direct referral's profits. If they can bring enough new users to the platform, that percentage can go as high as 40%.

Affiliate payments are sent out every week. These transactions are also subject to the lightning-fast speed at which regular deposits and withdrawals are processed by the company.

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