Las Vegas casino's famous carpets made by Kidderminster's Brintons

Sunday 24th January 2021

A floral carpet from Brintons decorated the floor of El Cortez Hotel and Casino for 13 years, with its 'kitsch' design becoming famous and beloved by visitors, according to the Washington Post.

The casino, founded in 1941, decided to renovate last summer and rip out the old carpet, replacing it with a tropical new woven Axminster carpet - also made by Brintons.

The new woven Axminster carpet by Brintons at the El Cortez Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Now, the El Cortez is selling 16-by-16-inch sections of the old carpet for $19 at their gift shop, so fans can own their very own piece of history.

The famous floral carpet made by Brintons now on sale at the hotel. Picture: Anna (Pinterest)

Brintons has said they are delighted to have played a part in the legacy of the hotel.

Lisa Conway, marketing manager at Brintons, said: "The longevity of the carpet in situ is a testament to the quality of both the design and the carpet itself, and we continue to take immense pride in our British wool made export.

"Fashions and tastes do of course change, so it was fitting that Brintons was once again the brand of choice for the refurbishment.

"During these difficult times for everyone we can all do with a feel good story."

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