Letter: Arena could be a nicer fit closer to the Agua Caliente I-10 casino

Saturday 18th January 2020

People listen during a special meeting regarding the downtown arena at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, Calif., on December 5, 2019.

On the northeast corner of Bob Hope and Dinah Shore drives is a large section of land, just south of the Agua Caliente Casino Rancho Mirage. It is at a great cross section of roads, not far from the freeway.

The land is below street level and could save millions in excavating to build an arena and a three- or four-deck self-parking garage and a heliport. The casino could help with parking, if needed.

I'm not an arena builder, but if you need another director for your board, I'm available.

America is partially responsible for the horrific murders of the 176 people on the Ukrainian airliner by a missile in Iran.

If President Trump is as wise as he claims, then he would seize this tragic opportunity to make peace with the Iranians. He should go to Tehran and announce that what we are is doing is ridiculous. War mongering will be stopped by all. Iran can continue its nuclear ambitions, but won't need a nuclear bomb now. The Israeli-Palestine conflict will finally be dealt with by a two-state solution. West Bank occupation by Jewish settlers will end and they can move to the Golan Heights.

All that defense money can now combat climate change and give everyone Medicare. Stopping the ludicrous drug war will pay off our national debt easily.

The immigration problem at our southern border will be solved once we end narco-terrorism. Incidentally, Bernie Sanders has been saying all this for years.

Trump, if he does all the above, will win the Nobel Peace Prize, be re-elected in a landslide (even I will vote for him; sorry Bernie). His face will be carved into Mount Rushmore and deservedly.

President Trump and his administration have piled up misstatements one on top of the other since the drone strike killed Iran's Gen. Soleimani. Few mourn Soleimani's loss; at issue is whether a president can carry out an attack on an official of a sovereign state without congressional approval.

First there was "imminent" danger, but our antenna went up when Vice President Mike Pence said Soleimani "had assisted in the clandestine travel" of terrorists who carried out the 9/11 attacks. This statement is not factual and reminds me of the runup to the Iraq War.

Subsequently, Congress was briefed. Nothing presented indicated imminent threat.

Trump then stated four embassies were threatened. Defense Department Secretary Mark Esper said he didn't see specific evidence - and neither did the State Department. Most recently, the attack came as a "deterrent."

Trump's credibility is exhausted, the stakes are now higher.

North Korea continues missile testing; NATO allies avoid U.S. collaboration; Trump favors Putin even as Russia interferes in our elections. Trump turns his back on battlefield allies, the Kurds. He is impeached for attempting to solicit a foreign government's help in smearing a political opponent.

Does anyone notice that the biggest cities in California that have the most amount of homeless people in their city are run by Democrats? Who are these mayors?

I am so tried of the public/news stations calling on the Democratic Party to be the poster child for diversity for mankind. Mike Thompson's cartoon stating "Democrats claim they're standing for diversity ... They got the standing up part right" just re-enforces this claim.

It's not the Democratic Party's fault that non-Caucasian candidates for president can't qualify for debate requirements. Regardless if the potential candidate is black, white, brown, male or female, and/or of a specific national background, if "the public" doesn't support them and the money isn't with them, just because they are a minority representative doesn't mean they must me considered for the presidency.

One can only hope that each party (Democratic and Republican), will someday look at a potential presidential candidate through colorless glasses.

Re: "How to improve California students' reading levels," Jan. 14 CALmatters Commentary by Bill Lucia

I agree with Mr. Lucia. But one of the real problems and the 800-pound gorilla in the room is the teachers union.

There are so many dedicated and competent teachers in our classrooms that have to carry the load for the few that are not proficient at their teaching skills. It brings then all down to a lower level.

Once a teacher has attained tenure its next to impossible to replace him or her. It's time for the unions to stand down and let the schools decide who teaches and who doesn't, along with proficiency testing only as need be basis.

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