Mama June's Family Hopes She Gets Jail Time, 'Frustrated' by Casino Visits (Exclusive)

Monday 23rd March 2020

"Get your butt home, get healthy, get sober and get back to your kids and your grandkids."

As Mama June Shannon's life continues its downward spiral, her loved ones are speaking out about her behavior and their hopes for the future.

Lauryn and Joanne "Doe Doe" Shannon, June's daughter and sister, have watched her deteriorate in front of their eyes, as her relationship with Geno Doak led to both of them being busted for crack cocaine possession last year. In the time since, the two have made court appearances, been booted from hotels and continue to pop up at casinos -- despite warnings to stay inside amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking with TooFab, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon said it does "frustrate" her to see her mom continuing to troll casino floors with Geno, after TMZ posted photos of them at one again over the weekend.

"I didn't see the pictures, but this isn't the first casino she's been spotted at," said Lauryn. "Of course, it does frustrate me because a year ago she was in the same exact situation, just in a different state, where you were playing the casinos, getting caught on TMZ and then, boom, you get arrested for crack. That's why it irritates me because this is where it all started out, at a casino."

Both June and Geno pled not guilty to felony drug possession back in October 2019 and face jail time if convicted. According to both Lauryn and Doe Doe, some time behind bars might actually be what June needs to get herself together.

"I've always said that when their time [comes] to get their consequences, I do hope that maybe it is jail time," said Pumpkin. "The reason I feel like that is because my mom has lived so much of her life being Mama June and being that celebrity who doesn't really see consequences and she needs to see that. I feel like that would really get her life straightened out. She actually would have nobody."

Added Doe Doe, "And she would be separated from Geno and as a family we all agree to this that this is where it needs to go. If that happens, it may actually be a good thing."

Lauryn said she couldn't even remember the last time she saw her mother face-to-face, but said she has been "in touch with her" in some way. "I did, a few months back, step away from my mom and I told her that," she added, "It's very complicated."

For Doe Doe, she said it's also been "months since I physically saw her."

Both of them issued pleas to June to seek help, revealing what they would tell her if she actually gave them an audience.

"Her daughters need her, Alana [AKA Honey Boo Boo] needs her," said Doe Doe. "She's 14, she's in high school, she needs her mom. Lauryn is amazing with what she's doing, but Lauryn isn't her mom. It's a different mindset. For [June] to be all of a sudden absent is like, what are you doing June? Get your butt home, get healthy, get sober and get back to your kids and your grandkids. We love you and we want you back."

Lauryn echoed those sentiments, saying she wants Alana to be able to come home from school and talk to her mother about her day, not her sister. "She's living with me, she's like my kid without a mom," added Pumpkin, who has temporary custody of her teen sister.

For Lauryn, who welcomed daughter Ella in 2017, it's been a "hard" transition from being a newlywed with a baby to having a 14-year-old in the house too. Making matters even more difficult, Alana made headlines of her own when she pretended to do a line of cocaine in a Facebook Live video back in August 2019.

"That's something you'll see in this season and we talked to Alana about it. That affects her career," said Lauryn. To help deal with the fallout from the controversy, the family recruited the help of Dr. Ish from "Marriage Boot Camp" to sit down with the teen and dig deeper into what was going on.

"When this stuff does happen you don't know where to go, what else you can physically do, so it's always good to bring someone who is paid to do that, an expert who knows how to talk, how to get Alana to talk, so what better person than him," she added.

The season will also feature Alana's father, better known as Sugar Bear, jockeying for custody of her. Lauryn declined to speak on where things stand between her and Sugar Bear now, simply saying, "I would just prefer not to comment, because what I was gonna comment would not be nice."

What has helped throughout the situation, however, is the crew on the WE tv show.

"There is something that throughout this season that we weren't necessarily super excited to film for, you know?" said Lauryn of shooting the new episodes. "We all talked through it and we're very close with our crew. Our crew is our family. One of the people who's been with us on the crew has been with us 8 years. They're all like, we don't want to do this neither."

"The people in our crew, we care about them, they care about us," she continued. "It's an emotional roller coaster not only for the family, but our crew too."

Added Doe Doe, "You'll see times when we're all upset and crying. What you don't see behind the camera, our crew's back there in tears too. They're living this with us."

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