Mindil Beach Casino resort car park plans to go through council this week

Sunday 15th March 2020

Mindil Beach Casino grassed entrance area could soon make way for 146 parking spaces. Picture Katrina Bridgeford.

MINDIL Beach Casino Resort's plans to pave a carpark over their luscious front lawns are set to be approved by council this week, despite possible impacts on the surrounding environment.

Council staff recommend elected members approve the plans to reduce 5041 sqm of green space to just 1736 sqm, in favour of 146 new parking bays.


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While only 23 of the new car parks would fall under council owned land, the report said the plans fall within their strategic plan of creating a "safe liveable city".

The removal of green space comes despite council determining a negative environmental impact could occur as a result.

"Any removal of vegetation is likely to have a negative effect on the surrounding environment," the report said.

Delaware North have engaged with Masterplan NT to develop a new car park where the current front Lawns are at Mindil Beach Casino Resort. Picture: Richmond and Ross

"Vegetation whether it be grass or trees has environmental benefits. Plants assist with filtration of run-off and stormwater (which will be increased with more hard surfaces i.e. carparking).

"This water filtration is important in this area as it is adjacent to Little Mindil Creek."

The report also noted the proposed vegetation which would be removed could impact on the surrounding environment and ecosystem.

"Although vegetation proposed to be cleared is not endemic, it is still a resource for local fauna as a resting and roosting spot in an ever decreasing urban forest," it said.

"Many of Darwin's endangered species are marine related and with the location of the casino, the impact could be felt by local populations."

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Council noted if the car park was approved however, they could request an offset in any cleared vegetation through funding local revegetation works or adding to their own landscaping assets, as well as ensuring heat mitigation measures are included in any landscaping plans.

Elected members will vote on council's recommendation at Tuesday night's council meeting, before the application will head to the Development Consent Authority at a later date.

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