NBA: Michael Jordan's Check For Donald Trump's Casino Reaches Auctioning Block

Monday 11th May 2020

KEY POINTSMichael Jordan is considered one of the greatest players of all timeOne criticism Michael Jordan received was his heavy history with gamblingAn old signed check by Michael Jordan to a Donald Trump casino has made its way to an auctioning block

The reinjection of Michael Jordan as the world's key sporting icon has been evident the past few weeks due to "The Last Dance". This has reached the point that an old check signed by Jordan it's way to the Goldin Auctions auctioning block.

There's no question that Jordan was one of the greatest players to ever play the game. The scenes of "The Last Dance" serve as a reminder of what Jordan and the 90s Chicago Bulls were able to accomplish.

Whether it's rekindling Jordan's rise as a superstar or tackling the turbulent times of the franchise, the documentary highlights the journey of the Bulls dynasty. But one more prominent part of sporting history is Jordan's documented gambling tendencies.

Per TMZ and Goldin Auctions website, a remnant of Jordan's gambling days in the 90s has found its way to the auctioning block. It was a signed check by Jordan himself worth $15,000. It was written for Donald Trump's Trump Indiana, Inc. and was dated Feb 16, 1998.

It's also interesting to note that the date coincides with the iconic season where Jordan won his sixth NBA championship. This check was signed in between the Bulls' two home games where he would both tally 21 and 27 points consecutively.

1998 featured one of the more historic moments in the league's history as it signaled the end of Jordan's era. His game-winning mid-range jumper in Utah is sealed as one of the best moments in sports.

Despite this, the image of Jordan betting was heavily criticized as people took notice of his rampant history with gambling. It was during the 90s that Jordan would indulge in visiting multiple casinos. One of the more famed stories of his career was when he went on what is now called the Atlantic City trip.

Previous items connected to Jordan's 90s stint have racked up huge amounts of money and a relic from his controversial gambling days is more to do the same.

The airing of "The Last Dance" continues to keep every sports fan entertained as the world waits in this global pandemic.

The Last Dance focuses on the 1998 playoffs when Michael Jordan won his sixth and last title as the Bulls beat the Utah Jazz in the finals Photo: AFP / ROBERT SULLIVAN

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