Online Casino Selling Irritated Partners Strange Anti-Gaming Spray...

Wednesday 29th April 2020

This spray seems to apparently smell enough to stop you from gaming.

Coronavirus has led to the world being isolated from others, but thanks to gaming everyone can still connect some way. For some, gaming might be taking over their life too much, and that's why there's now an Anti-Gaming Spray available to purchase. Yes, it is strange.

Being sold by a Canadian online casino, the spray seems to target those in a relationship and is detailed "to stop your partner playing video games". This has been created apparently, according to this blog about it, after a study from "Brigham Young University found that 75 percent of spouses, whose significant other is a gamer, wish their partner would put more effort into their marriage and less into video games."

The selling points for this spray seems to be that it keeps gamers away from their consoles, ideal for use in the home (Where else would a console be?) and is made from natural ingredients. Curious about what's in it?

If you don't want to click through to any links you can just marvel at this.

You can buy this Anti-Gaming Spray for $5.99 with an additional $3.50 for shipping, however, it's currently out of stock. It has apparently been tested on 35 unsatisfied relationships over a period of 5 weeks and it has some eyebrow-raising 5-star ratings featured on the page.

"I've had so much fun using this on my husband. The controller is boxed away before I even have chance to spray these days. Now we laugh about it -- I spray instead of shouting!"

"It's no fun when your girlfriend would rather spend time with Geralt of Rivia, than you. He may have cool swords but I have a secret weapon...this spray. The stench is incredible!

"My girlfriend and I both loved video games. But we have different tastes...we weren't console compatible. This spray changed it all. It stinks!! Now we associate gaming with this god awful smell."


Personally, this seems daft. And of course, if someone is looking like they're potentially addicted to video games, there are professional methods of help you can get which would probably work a lot better than buying a stinky spray. Talk to the person too and find out what they might be going through.

I just want to end this with a clarification. Last time I reported on something bizarre from a casino just to show the sheer strangeness it was speculated that we were endorsing and advertising a casino and SEO boosting. No, this is just bizarre and something going on in the world of gaming-related oddities that you can now talk about with your friends and family while isolating through Zoom calls. Just enjoy reading this and have a laugh dammit.

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