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Tuesday 28th April 2020

Netflix released the trailer to Season 3 of Ozark earlier this month, offering a preview of what's to come over the next few months. Set six months after the finale of season 2, Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) Byrde's Missouri-based riverboat casino is fully operational. On the face of it, perhaps things could finally start going right for the Byrdes? Maybe not. Don't expect any smooth sailing for this riverboat. Ozark simply wouldn't be Ozark without a healthy dose of tension and violence in the mix.

Much of Season 2 was focused on the building of a casino, and the trailer reveals that the Byrdes have finally achieved that, despite it being clear that neither particularly want to be in what is a frankly, ridiculous situation.

Whilst the casino in Ozark is a complicated matter for the Byrde family, the show joins a host of other shows and films that include casinos, attracting audiences with the excitement and glamour. By choosing to include a casino in the show, the writers have potentially struck gold by taking this often dark and gritty show and injecting some glamour and grandeur into the setting.

The Ocean's series is probably the best example of a series of films made better by the inclusion of a casino. Filled with nostalgia from the golden age of Vegas, complete with an Elvis Presley soundtrack and a motley crew of loveable rogues, the series of films hits all the right spots. The writers could have made almost exactly the same film with a bank robbery rather than a casino robbery, but it's unlikely the film would have been even half as entertaining.

Casinos have always been popular, but with the rise of iGaming in recent years, and the industry boom that shows no sign of slowing down, gambling is at an all-time popularity high. And that isn't limited to roulette and blackjack. Traditionally more old-fashioned games like bingo are currently basking in the halo of iGaming. Companies like Paddy Power Bingo are offering 40 bonus and free spins, and you can find Bingo Promo Codes & Welcome Bonuses on a variety of sites.

With gambling at this particularly popular point right now, the Byrde's decision to open a casino, even in rural Missouri wouldn't raise too many eyebrows with achieving high profits. A clever move by the writers.

Riverboat casinos in particular have a long and exciting history in the USA, first appearing in the mid 20th century. Many states that didn't allow casinos to be built on their land made exceptions for these floating fun palaces. High rollers and thrill-seekers alike could escape from the heat of riverfront towns along the Mississippi River to enjoy live music, dancing and gambling. States continued to approve riverboat casinos, and the state of Missouri, in which Ozark is set, did so in 1994.

With season 3 coming this month, we won't have to wait long to find out how the casino plays out for the Byrdes. Ozarks Season 3 airs on 27th March, on Netflix.

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