Putin's 'secret £1bn palace' with lap-dancing den, casino & private beach

Tuesday 19th January 2021

PICTURES of Vladimir Putin's alleged £1billion palace have been leaked online -- showing an array of staggeringly opulent rooms and even a lap-dancing den.

A video also highlighted gaudy state rooms and a casino, all funded by corruption, said political rival Alexei Navalny.

The palace, which is 39 times the size of Monaco and needs 40 gardeners, has been constructed in secret near the Black Sea village of Praskoveevka.

Navalny -- held in Moscow on Monday after returning to Russia following treatment in Germany for Novichok poisoning -- published on his website a video he said was passed on by contractors.

He said: "It tells how, right now and for the past 15 years, the biggest bribe in history is being given and the most expensive palace in the world is being built."

Putin, 68, has always denied the estate is his.

Last night, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov insisted: "Putin has no palaces."

Leaked pictures of its opulent interior show a red velvet pole dancing boudoir, which is said to be for the exclusive use of the Kremlin strongman and his cronies.

Navalny, who hired investigators to uncover the estate, accuses Putin of using cash swindled from his people to build the retreat.

Mocking the extravagance of the estate, he said: "This is not a country house, not a cottage, not a residence. It's a whole city, or rather a kingdom.

"The palace seems to have a striptease bar for Vlad to enjoy pole-dancing!"

It is said to be the largest private home in Russia - measuring an incredible 17,691 square metres.

It includes an 80 metre-long bridge leading to a tea house. The tea house is 2,500 metres in size.

It also boasts a theatre and a tunnel leading to its private beach, landing pads for three helicopters and a sumptuous fitness spa.

Navalny claims the white painted Versaille-style palace has a church, hockey arena banker style mostly underground, a tropical garden 2,500 square metres in size with 40 gardeners.

He added: "This is the most guarded place in Russia, in fact a state within a state, and this is Putin's biggest secret.

"It is protected by hundreds, even thousands of people - from unknown guards, gardeners and builders to the richest and most famous people in Russia.

"Imagine the kingdom of Monaco? This estate is the size of 39 Monacos, built in a way that no-one can access it from land, from sea or from the air.

"Thousands of people working there are forbidden to bring in even the simplest of mobile phones with a camera.

"All cars go through the most elaborate search at several checkpoints.

"Everyone was saying that it would be impossible to film it."

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