Roulette Wheel-Integrated Watches Astronomia Casino

Monday 17th February 2020

Spotted on iconic Canadian rapper Drake, the new Jacob & Co. watch does much more than just tell the time -- it also features a fully functional roulette wheel. Named the Astronomia Casino, this unique and unprecedented timepiece boasts a four-arm setup.

The first arm is dedicated to a ceramic ball, the second contains the double-axis tourbillion, the third is accommodates the Roman numeral time display, while the "fourth sits on top with 1ct 288-facet Jacob-cut diamond, which, according to the brand's Instagram caption, turns on itself in 30 seconds." The intricate rotation spans 10 minutes and allows the wearer to participate in a roulette game on the go.

Priced at $620,000, the Astronomia Casino watch will appeal to luxury timepieces enthusiasts looking to add a novelty piece to their collection.

Image Credit: Jacob & Co.

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