Should You Play Online Casino Games on Desktop or Mobile Devices? --

Sunday 8th December 2019

The idea of Casinos came long before the advent of the internet. Gamblers would converge in brick and mortar casinos to enjoy poker and card games, but technology brought in a new idea, and the whole scope of casinos changed for good. The gambling industry shifted base to the web, and ever since, the industry has witnessed remarkable expansion. Today, you can find thousands of gambling options spread across the web, with virtually all sorts of casino games you can think of.

The playing options remain diverse, and while we still have traditional casinos, the emergence of online casinos looks to be taking over. Gamblers can access their favorite games on their laptops and desktops, although mobile phones are getting increasingly popular among the new generation. If you are interested in getting into gambling, you might probably be asking yourself which way to go. For example, gamblers wishing to access the Betway online casino will want to know the best media to play, and here are a few pros and cons of each.

Desktop Casinos

Depending on how you look at it, desktop casinos have a relative edge over mobile devices in that they are big. Some people will find playing on a larger screen more satisfying as the overview is bigger, and everything looks a bit more real.

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Also, the desktop option is free from unnecessary interruptions during play. While you might be interrupted by a call or a text midway through a session while using a mobile device, that is not the case with playing using a desktop. Your PC can easily be scheduled in separate windows to allow you access other programs without any distractions.

The one major downside of desktop casinos, however, is that you are required to be stationed in one place to play these games. This option is limiting in the sense that you can only play games when you have a dedicated time schedule for games, unlike with mobile ones where you can play right from the comfort of your train seat.

Mobile Casinos

Mobility equals convenience, and that is exactly what you get from mobile casinos. You will play your favorite slot game from wherever you are, anytime of the day or night. These games are only one tap away, provided you have internet access, and your device is charged. Online casinos opened a whole new world of entertainment, and the incorporation of mobile gaming has given the world of gamblers a variety of gaming options.

Even better, big casino brands such as Betway allow gamblers to play games through customizable apps. That makes it quite easier to access these games and to play in the gaming atmosphere you create.

The two disadvantages of mobile gaming, however, is the fact that you'll need to have a Wi-Fi connection, otherwise you'll incur a lot in terms of data usage. Power is also a challenge as smartphones are not designed to last you long when playing live online games.


It is all up to you how you play your Blackjack or roulette, but you can always switch between desktop and mobile casinos according to convenience. In the end, it is the amount of fun and satisfaction you draw from playing that matters.

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