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Friday 21st February 2020

When it comes down to it, those that have the most enjoyable time playing casino games do so because they have a specific attitude. First, they realise that they might now win, and thus have accepted they might lose; secondly, they understand that casino is more about mathematics than luck, and make their decisions accordingly.

The second quality, applying logic to playing casino games, is largely ignored by casual players and often misunderstood. Every casino game on the planet will have a house edge that favours the casino operator, but the way that house edge differs can be dramatic. For example, American blackjack online (both in virtual and live formats) has a low house-edge (usually less than 0.5%), whereas some slot games might have a house-edge of close to 10%.

Below we are going to look at some tips for choosing the right casino game. Remember, however, that there is no correct answer, and, as you will see, it will depend on your personal circumstances. Some games might favour risk-happy high-rollers, whereas others might suit casual low stakes players. Anyway, keep this advice in mind:

Classic Games Usually Pay Best

We mentioned American blackjack earlier, and most classic games will usually have odds more in your favour than modern casino games. It doesn't mean they have bigger prizes, of course, simply that you are more likely to break even. Moreover, some believe they can even gain an advantage in card games through systems like card counting. Those strategies aren't difficult to learn, and it's something of a myth that card counting is illegal.

But Not Every Classic Game Is Best

It's worth remembering that not all classic games offer the best odds, and you should be careful about your choice. For instance, a regular mistake made by players is the selection of American roulette ahead of European versions. American roulette wheels have an extra zero pocket, and that adds a few percentage points in favour of the casino. And, it should be noted that these odds differences are reflected in virtual games as well as live dealer games.

Slots Have Specific Characteristics

Slot games have the biggest prizes of any casino games, but the drawback comes in that you cannot employ a strategy. The games run on RNGs (random number generators), and that means you cannot affect the outcome. However, you should also consider that slots can be broken down into different categories. Some are considered volatile/aggressive, meaning they pay out big prizes but less frequently; others are considered low variance, meaning the prizes are frequent but small; some offer something in between. Obviously, you should match this knowledge to your ambitions and your budget. The information is readily available online too.

One of the most eye-catching things about online casinos these days is the headline jackpot games. A good casino site will have progressive jackpot games, with many offering prizes above £1 million. Yet, don't forget that players' bets fund these jackpots, and it, therefore, takes a lot of wagers to trigger them. A good way to look at it is in the same manner as buying a lottery ticket. If you win, your life will change forever - but that's a big 'if'.

Always Set Limits

Whatever you decide to do, the best strategy you can employ at an online casino is to give yourself parameters - in terms of time and expense. If you set an amount of money you are willing to lose, then you will never be completely disappointed. Casinos now offer controls to make sure you stick to these limits. Everyone should take advantage of them.

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