Sports Bets and Casino Games to Help You Adjust to the New Situation

Saturday 4th April 2020

The world is on lockdown right now. The majority of countries are in the grip of the COVID-19 panic and countless major sporting events are being postponed or cancelled.

2020 was supposed to be a big year for sport. It was the year of Euro 2020, a celebratory tournament that would be held across a dozen countries for the first time (an idea that seemed fantastic until a couple of months ago). It was the year of the Summer Olympics in Japan and one where we should have seen Liverpool win the Premier League.

Instead, the Euros have been moved to 2021, Liverpool's title hopes are in the hands of the FA, and the Olympics have been postponed.

It feels like the end of the world for sport fans, and they're not alone. Poker players have been forced to miss major tournaments and casino gamblers no longer have the luxury of travelling to the best resorts all over the world.

All is not lost, though, as there are still plenty of awesome casino games you can try online, and sports you can watch to help you adjust to the chaos caused by this global pandemic.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are available on all the best online casinos and most sports betting websites as well. They combine the features of an interactive casino game with sports betting, offering you the best of both worlds.

Virtual sports simulate horse races, soccer games, tennis matches, and more. You have a few minutes before each game kicks-off to check the form, look at the odds, and place your bets. Once the game begins, you just need to sit back and watch everything unfold.

Many virtual sports use advanced 3D software, playing out like a Triple A video game. With horse racing and greyhound racing, for instance, you can watch the races from the start to the finish, and they look so real you'll think you're there!

With soccer and other ball games, you'll see highlights of the matches, from penalties and free kicks, to missed chances, goals, and more. In both cases, you can bet on a host of outcomes, with many of the same markets that you will find on a sports betting website.

If you're upset because of the recent global shutdown and you're missing sports betting, virtual sports are the perfect substitution.


Poker is also great for anyone who loves sports betting and misses being able to place bets on live games.

Poker may not seem like the most obvious choice for sports bettors missing their fix of the Champions League and other big events, but if you're the sort of bettor who likes to study form, find trends, and place bets based on careful consideration and not sheer potluck, you'll love poker.

Poker is a game of skill and strategy. Furthermore, it's a game that rewards you for your knowledge and your experience, because the best players are those who study the game.

Online Poker games are also perfect for casino gamblers who typically spend their days in cardrooms but have been unable to do so because of the recent pandemic. Now it seems many people will give it a try.


Online slots offer even more variety than you can find in sports betting markets and in your local casino.

The average online casino has over 500 slots and some of them have in excess of 3,000. Compare this to the average local casino, which has fewer than 100, most of which are of the same game.

When a land-based casino says it has 1,000 slots, it means there are 1,000 machines, many of which have the exact same game installed. There could be fewer than 300 different game types amongst that 1,000.

When an online casino says it has 1,000 slots, it means there are 1,000 different games to play. Each of these games has a different layout and theme, along with a variety of game mechanics and features. You just can't find that variety anywhere else and that's why real money online slots are some of the best games to get you through this COVID-19 chaos.


There has never been a better time to play the lottery. This is a game that likely won't be affected by the coronavirus, because it's not one that requires large groups of people to remain in the same room together.

You can play lotteries from most online gambling sites or you can buy tickets directly from the lottery providers. And your options are endless, because along with major global lotteries like the UK Lotto, EuroMillions, Powerball, Mega Millions, BonoLoto, and countless others, you can also play lotteries available on specific websites and in specific regions.

The idea is the same everywhere: Choose a series of numbers, pay your money, and if those numbers appear, you'll win big.

If you can't find a draw time for a big lottery, look for games of Keno, which are available everywhere.

Keno works in the same way, only you have more choice. You can choose to play 10 to 15 numbers and if you get all (or most) of them, you will win big. Alternatively, you can opt for just 1 or 2, improving your chances of success but greatly reducing the potential payout.

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