The advantages of having online casino operators in Malta

Tuesday 11th February 2020

Malta was a pioneer in setting up the right legal framework, and has since benefitted from a booming industry that is one of the country's largest economic sectors

Malta's people enjoy a good, meaty bet. There are of course many other distractions on the central Mediterranean island, but the inhabitants have enjoyed the odd wager or two for quite a while.

The islands have been inhabited for millennia. Throughout the ages, people have carved out for themselves a precarious daily existence in an arid landscape, which in itself seems quite a gamble.

The islands are famous for their Neolithic structures that, as the islanders would have it, are the envy of the world. Archaeologists think they were temples, but who is to say they were not primeval casinos?

In fact, mysterious patterns engraved in the rock suggest some kind of game in which curious spirals represent the infinite odds. Besides, some very heavy rocky spheres found on the same sites may have been the balls of a giants' roulette.

The ancient islanders were known to stake wagers at important moments in their history. Rewind to 60AD, for example, when unconfirmed reports say that a group of inhabitants sat on the shore, furiously betting on whether the Roman ship out on a stormy sea would hit this rock or that.

The ship was carrying Paul of Tarsus, and he would in fact be shipwrecked on a rock in Malta. He would go on to convert the locals to Christianity. He is also reported to have suffered a nasty snake bite while preaching on the island, which prompted the locals to place small bets on whether he would survive or succumb to the poison. To everyone's enormous relief, he lived, and was able to resume his journey to Rome, where he was eventually beheaded.

With such an impressive history of gaming, it's no surprise that Malta has attracted some of the world's major online casinos. Malta was a pioneer in setting up the right legal framework, and has since benefitted from a booming industry that is one of the country's largest economic sectors.

The advantages to the online casino operator range from a favourable tax regime, to competitive licencing costs, to a skilled and international workforce that includes a large number of expats. English is practically universally spoken.

Malta is an EU member state with a stable political environment, situated in an enviable central location. The climate is fantastic, with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures all year round. The social scene is vibrant, both by day and by night.

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Disclaimer 1: Gambling carries financial risk and a risk of dependency. Play responsibly.

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