The Diamond Casino Heist is now live in GTA Online

Thursday 12th December 2019

You can now undertake the most complex heist ever in GTA Online, as The Diamond Casino Heist is now live for players to try. To pull off the most audacious heist in Los Santos, you'll need meticulous planning. You'll recruit some familiar faces to help you, and make decisions on how to approach this complicated task. The decisions you make will affect the outcome quite dramatically.

To serve as a front to your operations, you'll take control of a fully-functioning retro arcade business. And this has the additional perk of fully playable games inside it. In total there are 12 games in all for you to enjoy. See the details of them below:

The basement of the arcade is your centre of operations for planning your heist. You'll also come across familiar faces such as Georgina Cheng, the VP of Cheng Holdings, Lester Crest and his associates and more. With their help, you might just be able to pull off the biggest heist of your career.

Still need some help? Check out the official blurb below that has some tips on how you can plan for success:

Deciding on the approach to take will also make the difference between success and failure. Therefore, in The Diamond Casino heist, you have three main options to choose from. For instance, a Silent & Sneaky approach means you'll try to enter undetected and try to make off with the haul before they even know what hit them. Engage in deception by going The Big Con route and masquerading as maintenance staff, pest control or other contractors. Or opt to go in guns blazing with the Aggressive approach - just be prepared to be met with increased resistance. These decisions will affect the outcome of the heist, so choose wisely.

But boots on the ground won't be enough for this heist, you're gonna need some new wheels too. Thankfully the new update has a raft of new vehicles to choose from. See the list below:

In addition, Warstock Cache & Carry's commercial inventory gets a fleet of six vehicles, including a personal Fire Truck, Bugstars van or Gruppe Sechs Stockade.

All in all, that's definitely a lot to get to grips with. To see you can expect in the new update, check out the new trailer for the heist below:

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