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Tuesday 5th May 2020

The different mediums of entertainment all find ways of connecting in some way. There are movies based on musicians, soundtracks are paramount to make a great screening, and both music and films help inspire some of the best casino slot games.

Slot games have developed rapidly over the last years with more millennials and younger gamers wanting entertaining slots they can relate to with better graphics, rather than classics involving fruit and fairies.

For this reason, slot game developers have turned their attention to the best films and series that the younger generations are watching such as superheroes and action films and developed slots based on these titles. Here are three of those modern slot games

1 Game of Thrones

When the younger generations aren't taking photos of their avocado and poached eggs on toast or swiping on Tinder, they can be found watching HBO's acclaimed series Game of Thrones. It is one of the most successful and loved series of all time - and the slot game developed by Microgaming has done it considerable justice.

The slot includes many of the show's favourite characters, but what online gamblers will enjoy the most is it comes with four different free spin features. Overall, it is a solid effort at recreating King's Landing and co. but has not forgotten that it is also an online slot game.

2 Rambo

Not just for the new generation of slot gamers, the Rambo slot game developed by iSoftBet will appeal to the masses and anyone that knows a great movie when they watch one. The slot is almost as action-packed as the film, set in a Vietnamese jungle with exploding grenades, knives, snakes, bullets and of course the main man himself.

There is plenty for hardcore gamblers to enjoy about the Rambo slot game, including four progressive jackpots and the chance to win as many as 15 free spins.

3 Resident Evil

The Resident Evil movies may not be as well-known as the previous two slots' gaming influences, but to the people who enjoy horror movies, they will be. These movies have had exceptional success, which is why more than five of them have been made to date.

This slot game includes the characters from the movies as you would expect, as well as an overarching horror theme to match the screenings. Looking past the aesthetic details, gamers will find an enjoyable slot full of bonus games, free spins and a solid RTP.

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