This customer notice spotted outside a Las Vegas casino wins sign of the week

Thursday 17th December 2020

Sign of the week, shared by Redditor LVbellman who said: 'A sign outside a off strip casino in Las about pulling a Ferris.'

Took us a bit longer to get it than it probably should have done ...

'My college roommate went to a wedding in Philadelphia, we live 5 hours away in Pittsburgh, and his family got to the hotel, and the someone, who they thought was the valet, hopped in their car. As it pulled out, a man in a red jacket takes off running down the street after their car. Turns out their car was stolen along with most of their luggage. Don't worry, the car was abandoned months later and the insurance company made them take the car back after the people who stole it had been living in it.' ams833

'Reminds me of the old joke about the guy who'd been a parking attendant at a zoo for years. One day he retired and no one shows up to replace him, so the zoo call the council and ask about one. The council replied they thought he worked for the zoo.' Gone_For_Lunch

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