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Friday 18th December 2020

Movies are part and parcel of our lives. They come in different genres, with each having its audience and attraction. As well as entertaining us, they also influence public opinion. For example, there was a time when casinos were associated with gamblers. However, with the rise in online casinos, public opinion has changed, and people have a different view of gambling. Movies involving casinos are thrilling and captivating, especially when they are in the hands of top directors such as the movie directed in this online casino article. Here are some of the top casino movies to consider watching.

This is a classic movie directed by one of the biggest names in the movie industry, Martin Scorsese. Set in Las Vegas, it follows the life of Sam Ace Rothstein, an ex-gangster played by RoberDeNiro, as he works as a casino manager in Las Vegas. While he is working hard to change his lifestyle, Ace receives a visit from his old mafia friend, Nicky Santoro asking for help. While he plays by the rules, his mafia friend will go to any costs to reach his ends.

This remake of the classic bond edition of 1973 follows the life of James Bond (Daniel Craig) as he tries to stop Le Chiffre from winning a Poker tournament. If James Bond can accomplish his mission, it would starve criminal organisations of money to operate.

After Mike McDermott discovers his hidden talent for playing Poker, he decides to bet all his money in a game. He ends up losing to a Russian gangster by the name of Teddy KGB. He decides it's time to quit and concentrate on his law degree. However, things change when his friend is released from prison and has to pay up his enemies. Mike is then forced to get back to gambling to help his friend get the money he needs.

Based on a real story, this movie follows journalist Hunter Thompson (Johnny Depp) and his lawyer as they go on a trip to Las Vegas. Hunter, a drug user, is a sports journalist and sees this as an opportunity to cover events at Vegas and discover the American Dream.

This movie can be classified as a comedy as it follows what transpires when three friends, Alan, Phil and Stu go to Las Vegas for the bachelor party of their friend Doug. After partying all night, they cannot recall what happened and find out that the groom is missing. The three friends must try to find the groom before the wedding. The movies can be considered to be one of the greatest casino comedies. It is the true illustration of the phrase "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

This timeless casino thriller is about a professional thief who brings together a talented team of con-artists to steal from casinos owned by his rival. Some of the big names that should spur your interest in the movie are George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon.

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