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Thursday 10th December 2020

For any movie to be popular, it's essential to have an intriguing and exciting storyline. While the best can turn dull stories into something gripping, most use a naturally engaging topic, like gambling. Which helps create a sense of drama, glamour, or even risk, tension, or shattered dreams.

Another great thing about casino scenes is that they're really versatile and are usable in any movie. Here is a selection of some of the best casino scenes in movies.

Perhaps one of the most well-known movie series which consistently features casinos is the iconic James Bond. Just some places featured include Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau over the years.

In Thunderball, the agent plays cards with criminal Emilio Largo in a high stakes game. In Diamonds are Forever the fictional casino Whyte House is featured. In The Man with the Golden Gun, a floating casino is featured - the Macau Palace. In GoldenEye, 007 visits the baccarat table in a glamorous Monte Carlo casino.

There are other unforgettable casino scenes in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, where the secret agent has to rescue Contessa after gambling on roulette. Casino Royale is also packed with gambling scenes, revolving mainly around a poker game with the terrorist financier, Le Chiffre. Skyfall also has an exciting scene where James Bond shares cocktails with a young woman and plays sic bo at the Floating Dragon Casino in Macau.

James Bond isn't the only film franchise to feature casinos, though. There are lots of others. Including:

Perhaps considered one of Robert De Niro's best ever casino scenes, encapsulating all the intrigue, paranoia, and violence you'd expect from an action-packed movie. Although particularly violent, there are some breathtaking panoramic scenes on offer as well.

As demonstrated by scenes in The Hangover, movies' casino scenes aren't always about crime, thrill, or danger. In fact, some comedies even feature them. However, there's a fair share of tension and suspense as well. This fun-filled film is a must-watch.

This action-packed film centered around the gangster Danny Ocean involves gathering eleven criminals for robbing $150 million from three casinos owned by a rival. The all-star cast is a reason alone to watch this gripping film.

This film, which features well-known actors like Matt Demon, John Malkovich, and Edward Norton, perfectly captures the compulsive gambling journey. $10k is borrowed from one of Mike's old professors, who then buy into a poker game. If you enjoy drama, this is not to be missed and is something of a cult movie.

Some movies made before the 80s are forgotten about by certain movie buffs, which is a shame, as some of them are the best, like Cool Hand Luke. The lead role is taken by Paul Newman. When he bluffs a group of unknowing Florida pensioners in stud poker with an empty hand, it is particularly memorable.

This film follows a group of students playing blackjack in Vegas. Although it's more appealing to cult audiences than mainstream viewers, that's not to say it can't still be enjoyed by anyone. The best scene is when Campbell goes full tilt, and in the process, loses thousands on thousands of dollars. It certainly captured the attention of online blackjack players, all eager to try their luck and emulate Campbell and his gang.

For adrenaline seekers, Run Lola Run really should be watched. Lola runs through the streets of Berlin, where she manages to raise 100,000 as part of a ransom for her boyfriend by visiting various high-end and smaller casinos for the cash.

This is another film that features some fantastic casino scenes. One of the particularly memorable moments is when the protagonist is seen playing a card game of jacks.

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