Video Shows Nelly Getting Into Argument While Playing Texas Holdem at Casino

Wednesday 5th February 2020

I slap my hands on my pants when the ice cream store is closed @BackwoodsAltar

During a visit to the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut, Nelly was filmed getting into an argument with other players and an employee. In the clip that TMZ shared, Nelly can be heard complaining about the situation while he played at a Texas Holdem table. Sources close to the situation say he confronted another gambler who he claimed didn't know how to play, at which point it got into a full-blown argument.

"He's talking about his balls 'cause I said 'you don't know how to play,' and you said, 'yo get under my nuts.' So I'm wrong?" Nelly is heard asking the employee, accusing the other gambler of insulting him. "I didn't hear any of this," the pit boss replied to Nelly. "I'm telling you what he said," Nelly added, to which the employee told him to cool down. "Just stop. Alright? Enough's enough."

Nelly seemingly wanted to get the last word in, however. "I expect you to be on their side," he said as the other player expressed their desire to take their chips and leave. It's unclear if any action was taken against the singer and rapper, but he appeared to calm down enough that he wasn't kicked out.

Watch the video of the incident above.


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