'We aren't rushing this just to get it done...' Local lawmaker reacts to casino investigation

Friday 31st January 2020

Is responding "to the gaming commission investigation".

We explained "last week"..

There's an investigation "into spectacle entertainment".

It's the only company "that submitted a proposal" for a casino here.

News 10's "sarah lehman" sat down "with senator jon ford".

With more "on how he feels"about what's unfolded" in your continuing coverage.

////// vigo county has been trying to get a casino for a few years now.

Just when things were close to being a done deal...the indiana gaming commission postponed its meeting where it "could" have awarded a license.

He was one of the authors of the legislation that made a casino license possible for the county.

Now -- the indiana gaming commission is investigating spectacle entertainment.

It ties back to a federal court case in arlington, virginia.

Court documents say certain key figures in spectacle were tied to a gaming company in the case.

Senator ford says indiana has some tough regulations when it comes to gaming licenses.

That's why the commission is taking an in-depth look at the situation.

//////// "here in indiana we really are foucused on making sure that we have a good gaming product.

The integrity of the product is sound and that we're checking everybody to make sure.

So this to me is not a negative thing.

This is just a slow down lets really investigate any of these issues that are here and i think at the end of the day will help to keep the integrity of gaming in the state of indiana."

///////// coming up at the top of coming up at coming up at the top of hour i'll have more from ford about what this means for the future of vigo county and a casino coming here.

Back to you.

////////// we've reached-out "to the indiana gaming commission" for an update on its investigation.

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