What the digitization of industries like casino gaming means for logistics

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Like many industries, the logistics sector can be heavily impacted by the changes happening around it. Evolutions and step changes in marketplaces that seem unrelated can have a gradual knock-on effect on how we work and do business.

In particular, the gradual digitization of industries is posing new challenges as reliance on our services as part of the process could diminish. One major example here is the casino sector, which has very tangibly evolved to become an online proposition during the last 25 years.

In this article, we will examine how the industry's transformation to become 'digital-first' for many players could change the prospects for the logistics sector, and seek to understand how our own role in relation to casino gaming could change.

One of the obvious differences between the development of an online casino and a physical casino is the lack of equipment and materials required to 'build' the games. The development of software and apps will necessitate some logistical requirements, but nowhere near as much.

On a grander scale, many of the world's biggest casinos are the focal points of much bigger leisure complexes. Featuring a hotel, spa, restaurant, bar and often a concert arena, the logistical requirements of your classic Las Vegas casino are truly vast.

But the modern casino game requires much less glamour and the presentation is virtually weightless. Games like roulette and poker, which once required equipment and space, now exist in the cloud, while online bingo has helped a classic game thrive.

Bingo, in particular, has really captured the imagination of the modern casino player, with titles like Roller Coaster and Helter Skelter offering colorful entertainment on a modern platform that requires little work.

Much of the world's entertainment today is online, served either through a wi-fi or data connection that plugs into a laptop, tablet or phone. This technology is a crucial cog in the success of the online casino sector and has been a catalyst behind the genre's fast evolution during the last 20 years.

The world at large is growing increasingly reliant on technology like 4G and 5G, which itself offers opportunities to our sector. At the heart of even the most-high tech ambitions are logistical solutions helping to underpin our progress forward.

As more Americans buy smartphones, the demand for fast data connections will increase, whether that's powered by a passion for online casino gaming or the pursuit of other online entertainment, including the latest games and bingo titles. This could prove to be a major infrastructural challenge that logistics must answer.

As you can see, though the link between online casino gaming and logistics may seem distant upon first examination, there are changes happening to the sector that will in fact have a noticeable impact on our own - both positive and negative.

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