Why casino industry boom continues to pay dividends for jobs in Malta

Thursday 26th November 2020

The casino industry is one that is currently thriving worldwide. There are online players from every corner of the globe taking part in casino gaming right now, and the industry is seemingly continuing to rise further.

Of the many places in the world, one of the most important casino hubs is Malta. This is because the country has a casino gaming licence that is popular with companies who want to show they offer fair, genuine and above-board gaming.

For this reason, plenty of focus is on the country, many companies have close ties with it and the gambling rules in the country and this ultimately leads to a great number of jobs, which is fantastic for the people of the country.

The Malta Gaming Authority controls gaming officially in the country. They were founded back in 2001 with the aim of ensuring gambling in the country was fair, above board and not involved with crime in any way.

The licence was one of the first to come around, and for that reason it is a very popular licence for casinos that operate around the world, but especially in Europe.

This is a big piece of the puzzle when you are looking for which casino to sign up with, you want to feel safe and secure wherever you choose to play. Sites like the luckydice gambling guide website offer help for players looking to work out where they should sign up and play.

With many companies trying to get a licence from Malta or doing what they need to do to keep hold of their licence, jobs in the industry are based around this. There are plenty too - it is a source of work and income for many people in the country and has certainly allowed some to prosper.

The licence that casino operators need from the Malta Gaming Authority costs a fixed fee of €25,000. On top of this, they have to pay €2,300 to request their application and €1,500 to renew their licence.

Casinos also need to pay tax on their earnings in the country, this is determined by the type of licence they hold there.

This shows the level of money that is being spent by companies to set up in Malta, all going into the country to create jobs and give a state income that can be spent across many areas.

One piece of good news for those looking to take out a licence in the country is that the first year of their operation is tax free, this is no doubt a reason why many new operators turn to Malta when they are choosing the first licence they would like to acquire.

The industry continues to move forward which is great to see, and the latest tech and gaming news shows where things are heading in the future.

While we have new people coming into the country for gambling purposes, the future looks bright, jobs should be secure and the money coming into the country can continue to be used well.

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